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nausea diarrhea & very tired appx 7 weeks pregnant Lock Rss

i am about 7 weeks pregnant with our 2nd bubba (still waiting to get in for an ultrasound to confirm dates). i had been felling a bit tired, nauseous & down at first i thought it was just because i was stressed from moving interstate away from all my friends & family & the continuous heat. until i found out about 2 weeks ago that im pregnant
this pregnancy so far has been nothing like my first ( i didn't get morning sickness & wasn't overly tired) i have been nauseous(&it keeps getting worse) & for the last 2 days have had diarrhea & have been extremely tired i slept pretty much all day today. I can't stand the smell of pretty much any food especially eggs & meat & can't go near the kitchen when my partner is cooking. i haven't been able to eat much & when i do eat something i have diarrhea about 5 mins later.
i was wondering if any one else has felt like this & how long to expect it to go on for as i also have an 18month old & i have been feeling really bad about not being able to spend time with her like i normally do as i am way too tired & feeling like crap from not being able to eat properly
I have felt this way in my second pregnancy too until week 12, after that I gradually started getting better. I am now in week 16 and I feel good.

Mind you, I didn't have any diarrhea, just nausea, overly tired and hated water and the smell of all food. My GP sent me some tablets that really helped a lot during that period. Weeks 6-11 are the worse.
My morning sickness (all day and night with no relief) lasted from week 7 to 18 (and now just comes and goes sometimes). My morning sickness has gotten progressively worse with each pregnancy. It's so hard!!! I hope you don't suffer for too long.

Some ladies do get diarrhea when pregnant, I did with two of them. With one it went on for a few weeks multiple times a day (sorry tmi!) so dr did tests which all came back normal. It went on until about 10 weeks and i had severe nausea constantly too. With this last pregnancy it came and went all first trimester but not as severe.I hope you are feeling ok, I know it is pretty unpleasant.
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