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Pregnant? Again... with iud??? Rss

Hi Mummys, I wanted to hear from anyone who has become pregnant with a iud in. DD is 9 months now, I was preganant when she was 4 months while on the mini pill but things didn't go so well.. and got a iud after since I am slack with pills... especially now with having mummy brain aswell. So once again I am late for my period, I had some small cramping over a week ago and thought that I would get it soon but still no period! It took almost a year and a half to get pregnant with DD and now I seem to be very fertile. I was thinking about it today and I am really tired and lacking energy which is how I figured it out last time. I know the only way to know is to take a test but I want to give it another day... maybe I'm not or maybe I'm just in denial! I just wanted to hear some stories about pregnancy with a iud and how common it is.
Hi there, I ended up getting my period in the end and had taken a test just to be sure. Sorry for your loss and to hear that happened to you sad That's so sad. I have the same iud as you did. I have actually been thinking about getting it taken out and getting the rod in my arm because my goodness my periods are SOOOOOO painful now, less cramping but I get these horrible stabbing pains when I have it now. I had a ultrasound to make sure it was in the right place about 2 months ago, just gotta get the guts to get it pulled out now. I thought it would be good. But I was wrong!
Hi beautiful. I hope you are good. I am really sorry to know what you have been through. I know it must be a hard time for you. Don't be upset over it. Chin up. Be strong. The more stress you take the more irregular periods. Stress disturbs are normal menstrual cycle. Give yourself a break. Stay cool.
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