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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea? Lock Rss

I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow (yay!) and even though it's only 3 weeks til 40 weeks, my body will be exhausted by then from my severely irritable uterus. So I'd like to encourage labour to start soon.

What does Red Raspberry Leaf Tea actually do? Would it help or just make the IU worse?

What could I do to help encourage labour to start without wearing myself out? Thanks ladies:)
I took Rasberry Leaf Tea TABLETS with my first!.. much easier than forcing yourself to the tea everyday and I don't think it tastes the best either.

They say it is meant to get your uterus ready for labour, I think it softens it, it's meant to shorten then second part of labour... I will be taking them again with my second... My first was only 8 hours and I was already 8cm's when I got to hospital after only 5 hours!!!.. Worth a shot smile

P.S. he came 4 days early not sure if it had anything to do with thte tablets.
Tablets definitely sound more I'm very fussy with my teas. would all my months of contractions have done pretty much what the tea would do?

gasp nice! I'm tempted to take them I'm just scared it'll make false contractions worse and I'll be too worn out by 40 weeks to actually push the baby out when in real labour.
They do say Raspberry Leaf only shortens labour not bring it on.

Other ways I have heard to bring on labour are:

Lots of walking and walking up stairs - could wear yourself out though
Eating Spicy food
Bouncing on an exercise ball
Acupuncture (I've heard is a really good way)

Good luck and I hope Bubs suprises you with an early arrival smile
Ahhh. Well my last labour was 1 hour (1.5 cm to 10cm and baby out) total. But i was I'm not sure if i can say i have short labours.. O.o

What about housework in general? gasp i want an exercise ball! Oooh acupuncture sounds inviting..i just hate the idea of becoming a pin cushion.

Thank you smile I swear i almost slapped my friend yesterday when she said "Oh don't worry he'll probably be overdue!" .. *eye twitches* lol
Edit: oops double post..
The tea is really good for toning the uterus and preparing it for labour, I drank buckets of the stuff from 37weeks (when I finished work), not sure how much it really did as I had a 19 hour labour which was pretty darn painful but who knows it may have been worse had I not had the tea.

I had DD one day before due date, and had been eating spicy food, had sex, long walks and ate an entire pineapple so I think it was a combination of the lot, or could have just been that she was ready to come!

All the best.

I've had friends swear by it but there is actually no medical evidence that it does work. I think it just makes you feel better about it all mentally.

I drank some raspberry leaf tea, but it tasted awful.
I ate an entire pineapple one evening as I was due to be induced the day after, within 24 hours my waters broke, prior to induction, so may be worth a try smile

I drank some raspberry leaf tea, but it tasted awful.
I ate an entire pineapple one evening as I was due to be induced the day after, within 24 hours my waters broke, prior to induction, so may be worth a try smile

Haha thanks ladies! Pineapple seems to have a higher chance of working.. I wonder why.. O.o Gonna go to the pharmacy and check out the tablets they have, then might get a pineapple (if there are any) in the Coles next door. Had the BIG nesting instinct yesterday/last night, had to scrub the kitchen cupboards, tidy the entire house, refrained from mopping the floors.. Repacked my bag and had to make it perfectly organised, was writing up lists and went overboard with preparing fruits for our parrots. Helping hubby scrub the new aviaries... Then about an hour afterwards started getting big contractions, got stronger and closer together but then went away just as i was falling asleep sleep baby is definitely wanting out..keeps pushing hard against my cervix.. Not the most pleasant feeling :S and been feeling nauseous since last night and only mint tea or mint chewy relieves it.. O.O i hope this all means something..

I have my 37 week check up in an hour so hopefully the midwife will do a cervical examination and my cervix will be changing! It better be >.>

Yay 37 weeks! No more meds! grin I found this that could explain why pineapple may have an effect.
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