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Are Paps important? Lock Rss

the swabs are to test for things like Group b strep. Nothing to do with cervical cancer though.
They also look for HPV (genital warts) which can lead to cancer later in life. Around 70-80% of women get this at some stage in life. If you have an active case during delivery they need to know so bub can be treated asap

I'd get it done now if I were you for peace of mind.

I was 5weeks along when I found out I was pregnant, funnily enough my appointment was booked to get the pap done, just so happened I was feeling iffy in the time between booking the appointment and the actual appointment so did a hpt that came back positive. I still had the pap done so I could have the peace of mind for the remainder of my pregnancy (I'm due in 3 days)

It's ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry (paps while pregnant are FAR more gentle than ones when not pregnant
When I fell pregnant with my DD I was due to have a pap test. When I saw my Obs that was one of the questions ask. He advised that it was better to wait till after bubs was born and he did it at my 6 week check.

Sorry can't tell you if any thing they test for will harm the baby or not. But as you say if you have cervical cancer they will not start treatment till after bubs is born anyway.

I would wait.

I'm pretty sure (if I understood my doc correctly) that pap smears take some cells from the cervix, and what they look for over time is any rapid/drastic changes in cell shape etc in relation to previous pap smears. To wait 9 months for your pregnancy to be over would hardly prove detrimental surely! Especially if it's your first time having one; it's not like they've picked up an irregularity etc
Yeah I decided to wait until after i have the baby, i'm almost 18 weeks now and i had read a lot that once you're over 8 weeks or so the pregnancy hormone can give you false results. My midwife i saw at 16 weeks didnt seem to think it was a big deal so all good.
Thanks ladies smile
Im having my 3rd bubba and have never had a pap smear. every doctor ive spoken to has recommended doing one after ive had the baby not during the pregnancy
I had an abnormal pap result, had a cone biopsy, then went to the dr for my second follow up pap a few months about 6myhs after when I was pregnant. He didn't do the pap then, and just said to do it after the baby was born (bare in mind I had a pap check at my first follow up appt that came back clear)

Aka G&L smile

I had the HPV Vaccination when I was 16. My doctor(same doctor I've had since I was 4) said that they don't need to do them when you are pregnant that it can cause problems. My fathers sister died of HPV, and my Mum is currently undergoing treatment for it(all her pap smears come back Negative, they had to actually do a biopsy to check as she had some bleeding and pain), so obviously I'm high risk, but not enough so that my doctor recommends a pap smear now. I'm getting one after the baby is born. To check your Cervix they actually do an Ultrasound(its all apart of your 17-20 week Morphology Scan) not a pap smear. If you have HPV, there isnt anything they can do while you are pregnant anyway, so it would really just increase your stress for something that's better left unknown until they can actually do something about it.
As for the 12 week bleeding, that's completely normal to have some spotting. It happens, its just "excess" fluids or something like that.
Hope that helped set your mind at ease lol :S

As a woman who has spent the last 12 months getting checks for cervical cancer I cannot stress enough how important they are. I got told I had cancer which ruined my world. I have never been so scared in all my life. However as it has turned out the GP got it incorrect, I don't have cancer (this took 6 months of tests to confirm) and hopefully after 1 more check in 3 months time hubby and I can finally try for baby number 2.
DO NOT MISS ANY SMEAR TESTS if you don't want to go through the living hell I've been through.

If you have HPV (which you wont know with out a smear) you baby will go untreated at birth. I have HPV, and a 7 month baby. Believe me they need to know as bub may end up with throat warts from the birth

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