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My name is Kylie. I have a 7yr old daughter through ivf. We were told of our infertility 12yrs ago and gave up on ivf 2yrs ago when our specialist told me that I am wasting my money and time as with our issues there was no chance of success.
We recently began the process of becoming foster parents.
On wednesday i took a hpt to speed up the arroval of af. (Always comes if i buy a test..) as i went to throw it in the bin i saw the 2nd line!!
I cannot describe the shock I've been experiencing since! I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant naturally!! Now every time I go to the toilet I want to do another test and confirm what the first 3 said! I feel like I'm going insane is it real??

Wow congratulations! I bet it's taking a while to sink in!! Wishing you a smooth 9 months of pregnancy xx
Congrats!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great pregnancy. What a wonderful Christmas present.

Thanks guys this us an amazing xmas!
I'll be telling my mum xmas day as she's experienced the tears over the last 12yrs with me, then somehow keep the secret for another 7 weeks...

Congrats it seems to happen when your just not trying.

We announced our pregnancy on Xmas day also (many years ago). We made my first child wear a top saying I'm going to be a big brother. It took about 2 hrs before someone registered what the top really meant but it was a priceless announcement. Good luck im sure your going to enjoy the next 9mths journey.
Congratulations! What an awesome surprise! grin

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Congrats! That's so exciting for you smile

That's so incredibly exciting for you! It's surreal how these things sometimes happen when you least expect it. It's a crazy crazy world we live in! Wish you all the best with your pregnancy journey x
Congratulations Kylie, we too have been through a long ivf journey with a 5 1/2 year old daughter (achieved through icsi) and now 38 weeks pregnant with our second daughter after 6 rounds of ivf, being told to give up, finally accepting that we'd only have one, same as you got pregnant naturally. Enjoy your little miracle. Such a precious thing to happen.

Thanks everyone smile
richokom how crazy is that!!! Congratulations!!

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