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Anterior placenta & movement Lock Rss

So we went for our 13 week ultrasound yesterday. Baby was moving so much and found out we are having a boy!! The lady said she had no doubt in her mind whatsoever that it's a boy and we saw his little willy haha!!
She also said though that my placenta is sitting at the front and that I won't feel movement until around 16 weeks. I'm 13w2d now and I swear the last few days I've felt air bubbles. It's not gas because I can tell the difference. Anyone else experience early movement with a front lying placenta??
Is this your first baby? It is normal for second, third ect time mums to feel slight movements at this stage. Even if this is your first, you may be right. Mums know thier little ones, even in thier belly lol
How exciting! Just wait until your getting towards the end of pregnancy, the baby absolutely kicks the crap out of you! It sometimes is so hard that it is like jolting pain! And you can literally see the bumps and movement on the outside of your belly. It's really very cool.

Sorry for the late reply.
Yes first bub smile can't wait to feel him kicking me lol.
Thanks for your response too smile
I current have an anterior placenta and also had one last time.

This time is very much front and center so felt movement only on left side and only when I was purposely curled over for a very long time. 28 weeks today and only been feeling regular strong movement since 25 weeks.
Last time it didn't make much difference so most likely more to the side, but midwife warned I would feel movement later for reassurance.

guessing the medical notes not very accurate just says anterior so anywhere on the front. could be front left/ front right/ center etc
i have a anterior placenta and felt movements early on too . Im 29 weeks now and feeling pretty strong movements now and whole tummy shakes. Exciting times enjoy, im kinda glad they are masked as feel pretty strong now.
My placenta also lies all across the front. I'm nearly 18 weeks and have been feeling movement since around 12-13 weeks although I wasn't quite sure. This is my 2nd pregnancy and yes it's definitely movement, I wasn't imagining it. i do recall that it did feel slightly stronger in my 1st pregnancy but it's still only early on so expecting it to get stronger. smile
My 3 pregnancies with the boys were all placentas at the front like yours and I couldn't feel any of them until 20 odd weeks sad
Omgosh that is so early to be finding out what sex you are having. I have my 13week ultra sound on Friday so I will be 13+3. I hope they can tell what I'm having this early, as I cannot wait to find out!!!! smile xx
We had our morphology scan yesterday and the woman told us that they can never say a definite answer when it comes to gender but she said it is a boy and she would be extremely shocked if it was a girl. She showed us his scrotum and his other little bits haha. Good luck!! Hopefully they can tell you, but do keep in mind that at that early it's not 100% (we still had doubts and thought there was a possibility it could have been a girl -- not fussed as long as bub is healthy) smile Still fun to find out though and have an indication smile

In relation to anterior placenta, mine is still at the front, hasn't moved up or down but now I feel bubs kick and jump all the time. Over halfway through now smile
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