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What do you, ladies, think about egg freezing?? Lock Rss

I am happy to see your post, I have a baby and planning for the second baby. For my physical issue I am not able to conceive. I am 35 now. So without wasting the before the age of 40 we must take our second baby.
Hi there! Thank you so much for sharing this information. It really depends on the person tbh. If they want to freeze or not for later. In this way, they can go for it when they are ready. Many people will benefit from this post. Some people are quite confused about this in the start. I m glad you did some research and shared it with us. I went for surrogacy because I couldn't carry a child because of cancerous polyps in my uterus. There's something missing in my life and it's that experience. The experience of giving birth to my own baby. If I had a chance to go for IVF I would have. But for people who have it, don't give up. There's nothing more beautiful in this world than your own baby. Good luck! Stay blessed!
It is amazing how technology has improved in this field. I honestly feel so lucky that during our time things have improved. Otherwise, a couple wouldn't even be able to hope to fight through it. When I was first properly diagnosed with DOR. I honestly thought life had come to a halt. I was so disappointed. However, all my family is very supportive! They kept me motivated to keep on struggling. I tried every treatment possible. However, due to the issue at hand, all the doctors either suggested DE or surrogacy. So eventually we had to opt for surrogacy. Really hoping for the best now. The clinic we are visiting is doing a good job. I made sure the doctors were experienced and professionals. Hoping for the best.
I think it's a really good option. It makes me really happy to see so many new options available to women, now. It's good to see all of these methods being effective, as well. As long as, these methods are effective and ethical, people will go for them. So, I think it depends on people if they want to go for it, they should. Others shouldn't judge them for it. It's their choice! I personally think it's a huge help. It's helped quite a few women conceive. What else could one want possibly? Thank you for this post, though. It's really important to raise awareness. It's also important to actually talk about these things. Most women in these situations don't even know what their options are! Keep up the brilliant work!
You have so much knowledge on this topic. I would probably go with freezing the eggs. However, that is my own choice as many don't want to opt for that. Another thing is that people like me actually don't have a choice. So I have a poor ovarian reserve. The doctors already told me that IVF or IUI like procedures won't work for me. I was told I should look into something even further ahead. Then I considered opting for IVF with DE. However, I wasn't the candidate for that as well. So then we researched about gestation carrier. We decided to go forward with that. I made sure the clinic I was visiting was operating legally and at a high success rate for the process. I am really excited about my process we will be using DE for it as well. Hoping for the best now. Its a totally new process for us.
Hey, honey. I hope you're doing okay. Thank you for this post. It's really helpful. I'm all in for methods which can find a solution to these problems. So, I think it's a method more and more women should opt for! There's no reason to oppose such a method.
Hey. Thank you so much for this post. You have provided us with a lot of information on this. I think it is a great option for women. Most of them have to worry about the ticking biological clock. This lets them have a baby of their own when they are actually ready for one. I think it is a great idea.
Hello, there! This is such a nice post. I'm so glad you made it. It's really nice of you to do this. You took out the time to create this thread. It's full of such important information. Great to see you doing that. I had a few questions regarding these methods. It has really answered all of them. Anyone can access this information, and that's kind of you! I'm so glad I joined this forum. I think it's a fantastic idea to opt for such methods. Keep up the fantastic work, people. Hope to see more of these posts. It's going to help so many women!
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