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Maternity Leave Lock Rss

Hey gals

If you are a full time worker what is your companies policy on when you need to take your maternity leave? Reading through my company's policy it says that I must take it 6 wks prior to the due date unless I get a note from my doctor that it's ok. I'm going to try to push it one more week though as I have my parents coming for my wedding around that time and want to postpone my leave until they are at least here (already decided to get a cleaning person in to do my major clean instead of me cleaning walls and windows and ceilings! lol).

For those that have already had children and were in full time jobs before my question is - provided it's a normal pregnancy when do you start to feel like work is just too tiring? I've been warned that you start to just get too tired to work but would working up until my 5 wk to go mark be much of an issue?

i didnt work after i was 12 weeks pregnant, so i cant go on experience. however, the reason that you need to take leave 6 weeks before you're due is because of the risks to the employer. ie premature labour, potential sick leave (unplanned), complications etc. im not trying to scare you, but your employer needs to cover their own skin. if you choose to work further, you need to get a medical certificate from your OBGYN every week that you wish to work stating that you will be fit for work. its just a precaution.
it is possible to work longer. i know of numerous people who have worked up until the day thier baby was born (gone into labour at work). a lot depends on the type of work you do. if its physical or your on your feet all day, you will get more tired than if you were sitting all day

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I was working full time whilst pregnant with my daughter last year the whole way i was planning to stay at work until about 2-3 weeks before she was due.
My work also has the 6 weeks before policy unless you have the doctors certificate.

Well when it came to 6.5 weeks before i was so tired and exhusted i decided i would finish 6 weeks before i just needed the rest and let me tell you it was really good to sleep in in the morning.

but if you are only planning on going an extra week at work you might find it ok to last that little bit longer just try and take it easy.

Good luck with your pregnancy

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Thank you so much for your input - it is much appreciated!

I think I will have to wait and see what the future holds for me but this gives me an idea of what to expect!

I thankfully have an office job and I'm sure the closer I get to my due date the less they will expect of me. We currently do a 10 hr day incl lunch so I may start reducing those hours but we will play that by ear.

Wish all you expectants mums all the best with your pregnancies too!

I am currently 36 weeks and am working full time and have 2 weeks left of work.
I personally have not wanted to be at work for at least the last 4 weeks, but that is partly because my normal job is physically active and risky so I've been given desk duties which I hate with a passion!
Also, the way I see it, is I'll be bored at home, especially if she comes on or after the due date. Also, the money helps. Leaving later means my pay lasts longer...
If you are finding it really tiring being at work (getting up numerous times at night to go to the toilet doesn't help) then leave whenever you feel like you've really had enough. For me, the extra months' income is what keeps me at work as well as the fact that the days go faster if I am busy and my mind is occupied.
I just have this feeling that bub will be slightly late as well, so I feel that I have a minimum of 2 weeks at home anyway.
I admit to being exhausted by the weekend though:-(
HI Mummy2B
I had my boy 2.5 years ago and I worked up to four weeks before he was born (was only supposed to be 2 weeks but I was 2 weeks overdue). I wasn't asked for a note or anything, so not sure about the company policy thing. Although my husband's company has a policy that pregnant women need a doctor's say-so to work past week 36 (ie 4 weeks to go). As for the question around when work begins to get too tiring - I was in an office job, and had a pretty straightforward pregnancy so I managed. The train trip home from the office was a nightmare though - it was an hour long trip and if I didn't catch the same train as my husband (he would get on the station before me and save me a seat), I would have to stand almost the entire way - usually with a really sore back, and people looking at me like I was some kind of fat pregnant freak. Can't tell you how much that
p!$$ed me off!

James' Mum

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