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Head Engaged!! Rss

Hi Everyone!!

I am 34 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and at my ob appointment today he told us that bubs head is well and truly engaged!!! EEEK!!

I was just wondering whether anybody elses baby engaged this early and whether bubs came early or not!!!

I had steroid injections at 30 weeks as i nealry went into labour and i have heard that these injections can increase chances of early labour?????

Any advice or similar stories would be much appreciated!!!!!!

Take care : ) .

Our babies head engaged (and has stayed there) since 32 weeks. The pain on my sciatic nerve is awful!!

Luckily I am due tomorrow so it shouldn't be too much longer! smile

My son (now 12 wks old) was engaged from 28 weeks, but i didnt go into labour/deliver until 2 days before due date, so be prepared but dont stress about it... by the way, you dont remember the uncomfortableness of it after!! I thought that it would haunt me forever!

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