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Braxton Hicks grrrr Lock Rss

I have been getting the worst braxton hicks since about 4 this monring on and off. I'm starting to worry a little now the babys head is engaged they told me on wednesday and being the 6th baby it really shouldnt be i have had 5 late babies and they keep telling me i will go early with this one. Of course after 5 overdue i told them they were dreaming but after these pains i really am scared i still have 4 weeks to go nothing is done and im in a panic now......I have xmas shopping to finish no baby's cloths washed no bags packed nothing i had thew cleaning bug last week and still keep cleaning i just hope he stays there till at least after i get xmas over with.......Has anyone had over due babies and gone early? please tell me it wonr happen lol

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hi i am due boxing day so 11 days.. and for the last week ive been getting strong braxton hicks.. and i though yay something might come of them... but only to find after about 4-5 hours they go completely and start the next day.. on ad off... and im still going... i just wish theyd make up there mind and do something worth while..

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

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