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SHOCK HORRROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

Hey guys, I have just had a baby and i have enjoed looking on the net for pictures of and information about the feotol progress through the many weeks of my pregnency. I have however come across abortion sites by accident on my search for the developing feotes scans, and ..........................whoa... What a shock to the system that was. I can say i found the photos very disturbing none to say the least. And i guess it was all courosity killed the cat so i continured to read how different abortions are performed and some of them just seem to be plain outright murder!!!!! (for eg inducing labour on a 23-38 week pregnency and then just letting the bub starve to death after the birth, or dismembering the arms n legs of the feotus or crushing the skull and then sucking the brains out) I come from australia and i dont think that those kind of abortions are leagal here, but it still seems very disturbing and it rips my heart out to think of it. I mean if u seen these photos you would probably cry. They are fully fromed.
sorry to drag on but i have just had a bubs and very emotional. I just have to see what othrs think and if they feel so heart broken about the whole thing as well.
teags sad

joshua 21/10/01 Samuel 03/12/06

oh my gosh that is the most disturbing, heart renching thing i have ever heard!! that is horrifying!! a movie could make me feel as sick as just reading about that!

it certainly would not happen hear in australia!
i would guess this would only be happening in trible communes.... such as in africa and different asians places etc....

im pretty sure you can not have your pregnancy terminated after 20wks hear in aus! which is still way to far along in my opinion!...i am 20wks and ive seen pics of my baby at 14wks where it is basically fully formed!...i think anything after 12wks you have to deal with it and if really dont want it then consider adoption, abortion ..that is just murder!

that is the most saddest thing i have heard in...forever.... if there were photos then i feel so very sorry for you to have those images 'stick' to you memory for a very long long time!

Kayden 2, Jace 2weeks

Hi Teags, First of all congratulations on your new bub!! I do agree with you, I have always been against abortion, I don't think anything warrants it myself, I know others disagree with certain circumstances, and that's their choice, I think it is murder right from the start, not just at the end. What about all these poor people that can't have children for whatever reason, surely there could be a process where the babies are adopted out to families like these. Anyway, we did a lot on abortions at school, they were probably trying to scare us but some things they used to do are outrageous!!!! They used to think the baby couldn't feel what was happening to it until about 10 years ago when they took a video of an abortion being carried out and could see the baby trying to get away from things like salt solution, because it would have been burning the skin. With the skull being crushed and then the dead baby being sucked out, I couldn't believe that anyone could do such a thing, it breaks my heart to think an innocent child could have that happen to them. But maybe now they do it differently, with new medicines etc. I still don't agree, but if it's done at the very start of pregnancy, and in a way that the baby wouldn't feel I would not be as heart broken over it. Anyway I better get off my soap box, just wanted to let you know there are others that think the same as you. Have fun with your new baby, I can't wait for my new one to arrive!

3 beautiful girls and a beautiful baby boy

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