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Emergency! Morning Sickness just around the corner! URGENT HELP NEEDED. Lock Rss

Hey girls,
Just did a test thismorning and to my surprise it was posative. Feeling so much right now but I guess the biggest thing im feeling is fear. I have a 2 1/2 year old and an 11month old and when i am pregnant I get severe morning sickness. So by my calculations i have a few weeks before I am stuck on the couch, unable to move until week 14!
The reason I am putting in this post is I have been doing some surfing on the net and found a few products that claim to relieve or almost destroy morning sickness symptoms. And as anyone who suffers badly from this debilitating problem will know I would be willing to pay hundreds of dollars to get just some relief but I simply dont have the time to muck around. So my question is this-has anyone ever tried or know someone who had used either the wrist band that sends an electrical current to your brain thing, or the special music that is supposed to divert the sickness? I know my descriptions are weird but my guess is if you have used either of them youll know what i mean! I have tried every other idea-I need help. My two children are giong to suffer badly if i cannot get some releif from these symptoms.
Thanks,, any help will be much appreciated.

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1


I haven't tried either of these things. I've tried Preggie Pops which helped lessen the nausea but with morning sickness I don't really think you can get rid of it.

My remedy was the preggie pops and having a small and very light breakfast at home because it would always come up before I left for work and then once at work I'd have a proper healthy breakie that would stay down.

Another product which is good is the Blackmores Pregnancy products - can remember the name but there is a "anti-morning sickness" helper in their product range.

I hope you don't suffer too badly.
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