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Midwife for antenatal care Lock Rss

As I'm from Germany I don't know what pregnant women do here. Is ist possible to get a midwife who's doing the antenatal care except for the scan? In Germany you get the option not to see an obstetrician rather than a midwife who does the antenatal care even at home which is great if you want homeopathic or herbal treatment during preganancy.I'm feeling lost.


I had all my check-ups at the Royal Woman's Hospital in the Birth Centre, and most of my checkups were with a midwife (except for a couple of check-ups that I had to see a doctor for, also at the Birth Centre), and I had no problem with that. My delivery was also supposed to be with just the midwives, however, I had to be transferred due to having epidural and forceps delivery. You might just have to find out if they come at home too as I am not too sure about that.

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