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Hi all

At our 18 week ultrasound we asked what the sex of the baby might be. The lady who was doing the ultrasound said she thought she could see a scrotum and penis but wasn't sure. I really don't mind what we have (we already have a little boy at home) but I was just wondering if there are many people out there that get told they are having a boy or girl and end up giving birth to the opposite?


Hi Kellie,

My sister was told she was having a girl and ended up with a boy. Lucky she didn't buy anything. They are never 100% accurate but she is the only one I heard that has had it happen to.



I know heaps of people that were told they were having one sex and had the opposite! Sometimes its best to not find out i rekon because then you wont have an expectation

HI there, I have had a few scans and at my 18 week scan they told me I am having a girl however the other scans all have said boy, my last scan last thursday said for sure it was 100% boy as the scrudem have dessened, so if I had my 18 week scan and no other I would have had a pink room for a boy lol,in the end it does not really matter long as you keep all your dockets incase you need to take the clothes back.

best wishes and congrats on your little boy
Hello I asked my doctor about this and I have found out from many sonographers that I have been to and doctors that the mistakes usually happen with a woman being told they are having a girl when infact it is a boy. Very rarely do they say you are having a boy and it is a girl. don't ask me why. must be just the visual of a girl in early stages may look like a scrotum.

i was told at 16 weeks its a boy, then i went on to have 5 more scans! so 6 in total, those last 5 scans said girl. the last scan at 32 weeks said deonitly a girl!
at the 16 week one i paid to find out the sex and they said boy, but other scans said girl so they went back to that saved footage and it umbilical cord! they never saw a penis they saw "something" but no penis.
hopefully in a few days l'll have my wee little girl in my arms..yay!
It's very confusing but i have been told that 3D scans are way better at determining that as long as bub is in the right position. i didn't have a 3D with DS and he picked it was a boy and he was but this time i want a 3D scan just to have the experience. either way i don't care what i have they are all blessings in this world.

At my 16 week scan I was told bubs was a girl, but at my 19 week scan and 25 week scan bubs is actually a boy. Sonographer and doc says that the reason they get it wrong is because boys can be hiding their little man hoods in between their legs so therefore look like a girl. They say that if they see a boy then its pretty accurate. Good luck!!!!!!

hi i have not found that out but when i do i will let you know !!!!!
when my mum was pregnant with me she had us and was informed all the way upto labour that i was a boy she already had 2 dd so was happy well they were kinda wrong i was a girl and was born with double hearnias in my groin so that is what they thought were male genitals
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