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Your Pregnancy


Spotting at 6 weeks Lock

Hey everyone! I have not been on here since my last pregnancy 3 years ago! It helped me a lot the...

6 replies

No need to take stress hun. This is common. Happened to me too. I went for an IVF cycle. I was so scared when this happened. Though ...


8weeks pregnant by LMP dating scan showed I’m 5wks!?! Lock

Hi This is my 4th pregnancy And I had my last period on 19/3/18 On 12/4/18 I had a very light...

13 replies

Hello there. How are you? I hope you are okay. Pregnancy can be very confusing at times. Sometimes strange things happen. But you ha...


Week of positive HPT's but blood test is at 420 on 18dpo Lock

Hi, I have had a weeks worth of positive hpt's starting at 12 dpo. I had gone a little te...

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Pregnant? Again... with iud??? Lock

Hi Mummys, I wanted to hear from anyone who has become pregnant with a iud in. DD is 9 months now...

2 replies

Hi beautiful. I hope you are good. I am really sorry to know what you have been through. I know it must be a hard time for you. Don...


How to cope with unwelcome comments Lock

Hi there all, I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with my first child. I am 22 yo and working in r...

34 replies

Hello beautiful. First of all congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope you are having a safe journey. Well, I think you should not ...


Subchorionic haematoma Lock

Hi, was just wondering if there are other mums who have been through a pregnancy with a subchorio...

26 replies

Hello Sweet. Hope you fine. I had the same problem with my second pregnancy. Till the 8th week, there was heavy spotting. Later, I b...


Anyone fallen pregnant on the pill Lock

Hi all, I have two amazing kids and I have started taking the combined pill two weeks ago. I kno...

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Strange hip/leg pain/feeling Lock

Something that's become more frequent in my last month of pregnancy is a sensation I could b...

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Pyogenic Granuloma? Pregnancy tumour/lump on tongue? Lock

I just found a big lump on the back of my tongue and I'm freaking out a little bit. I'v...

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Anxiously waiting Lock

Hi all! Two days ago I did a home pregnancy test which came back positive (yay!), and I must say ...

2 replies

Hey Sarah, the blood test went well thanks! Had my 8 week scan today and everything’s looking good (yay!) my midwife said that some ...


Worried about Low Paap -A count Lock

Hi i need some reassurance or personal info/advice please. I had my Nt screening st 13 weeks and...

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First baby Lock

Baby due early November 2018. I'm 9 weeks 4 days today. Anyone else due in November?

1 reply

Hi Chrissy, I'm due end of Nov (24th).


Vasa Previa Lock

Hi everyone! I'm currently 30+4 wks and have Vasa Previa with velamentous cord insertion and...

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Labour Scared Lock

Hey guys, Im 17 weeks pregnant with my first and I’m so scared of labour! I know our bodies are...

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Stay at current job or find new one? Lock

I am currently pregnant at 7 weeks and I’m now starting to suffer from morning sickness. I work F...

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What is a portion of the medicinal dangers or other restorative complexities that may happen in the event that I give my eggs? Lock

Egg recovery is constantly performed under ultrasound direction. Nonetheless, there is dependabl...

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12 weeks with period pain like cramps Lock

As of yesterday I am 12 weeks. About 2 hours ago I started getting these period pain like cramps,...

6 replies

I'm 12 weeks and have sharp stabbing pains and period like cramp feeling ???? Luckily I have a scan today! But how scary is bei...


Calling all parents and so-to-be parents. Quick survey on pregnancy screening & pre-eclampsia Lock

Calling all parents and so-to-be parents. Quick survey on pregnancy screening & pre-eclampsia...

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No period for 3 months, now 4 weeks pregnant?? Lock

Hi everyone, I commonly have irregular periods so I wasn’t surprised when I passed the 1 and 2 mo...

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Braxton Hicks??? Lock

Hi everyone. Currently 23 weeks + 4 days. Over the past week I have felt once or twice a day this...

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Ruptured waters and blood loss 13 weeks Lock

Hi all! We are due with our 3rd baby on 2nd October and up until now everything has been pretty n...

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Worried first time mum Lock

Last week I was extremely unwell and 8 weeks pregnant with pneumonia and had fevers up to 38.5 to...

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14 weeks Lock

Hey all this is my first post. I am 14 weeks pregnant. Post your due date below or comment below

14 replies

Hello. Hope you're in good health. Congratulations on getting pregnant! I hope the rest of the procedure goes well. I'm no...


Ultrasound Lock

Has any had their 6 week vaginal ultrasound yet?

11 replies

I had ultrasound only on my tummy with this machine . As far as I know it's...


Extreme Nausea Lock

Hi there! I’m 8 weeks with my 2nd baby. I have extreme nausea. It wasn’t this bad with my son alt...

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Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) -can someone help me to interpret the results? Lock

Hi, My wife has been just diagnosed as gestational diabetes at 28-29 weeks following OGTT test (...

8 replies

Dear Bethburns, I am not sure what GDM is. Anyway, she was offered a second test, this time she passed with flying colours. But the...


Scared shitless momma Lock

Hi all i wrote a post a lil while a go a wk id say lol had pregnancy symptoms but was very early...

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Bec 99

1 month off pill...Three positive pregnancy tests and elective caesarian Lock

Hi all, I'm 27 & I recently got off the pill, as I'd researched some negative effe...

3 replies

Hi there. In your case, I'd say you might be pregnant but there is a slight chance that you might not be too. So what you can d...

Sarah Willy Chadwick

A little assurance! Lock

Hi everyone! This is Sarah. You all know me here! Umm recently, I just met an old friend...She ha...

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HELLO I am Storm , I'm 25 and was SUPER lucky and gt pregnant on our first round of fertiit...

1 reply

6th of September here!! Woooo! Congratulations and hope your pregnancy journey goes well! Xoxo


Morning Sickness Remedies Lock

Hi I am 6 weeks pregnant and feel absolutley awful with all day and all night sickness. It has ...

19 replies

I took Elevit morning sickness relief tablets which is ginger and vitamin b. It helped me a lot. I found if I didn't take them ...


Get your own pair of 2018 World Cup soccer cleats today! Lock

If you want the feel of leather on your feet, then you will love the 2018 world cup soccer cleats...

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Pregnancy Pillows Lock

Hi everyone, I recently purchased a pregnancy pillow from Huggillows. It is amazing, soft, and pe...

3 replies

I bet it's cozy


Has anyone used IVF to Conceive? Lock

My Partner and I have finished a cycle of IVF, and we have found out that I am Pregnant. I am 5 w...

3 replies

Do not worry, all pregnancies are different.


IVF and now pregnant Lock

Hello, I am 39-years old and now almost 12 weeks pregnant after successful IVF. My husband and ...

3 replies

My pregnancy was fine, thankful for my doctors) So don't worry)

Mumma Jess

Eucalyptus oil in mister Lock

Hi ladies! I’ve read mostly that it is safe to have (I currently have a cold) a few eucalyptus oi...

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Prurigo of Pregnancy Lock

Hi all, I'm new to the forums but wanted to post to see if there's anyone else out ther...

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High Risk - relocation from Private to Public Hospital Lock

Hi all, Today I've found out that my jka antibody titers are 1:16 therefore Mitcham Private...

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Free Workshop for Expectant Parents Lock

Hi everyone! Often as mothers, we spend a lot of time worrying about our birth and we can forge...

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Scans Lock

hey everyone, this is is my first baby so everything is so new - I have just called to book in ...

2 replies

Hi Dem, I just had my first baby in January. Located in New South Wales. I never paid for anything in regards to my pregnancy (inclu...