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Strange stinky poos? Lock Rss

Just wondering whether anyone could shed some light on this.... For the past 3 days my DD who is 32 months has had very runny, watery poos which are a stange yellowy colour. Sometimes it has little shiet lumps in it, and other times it is just like yellowish water. She has been having about 3 or 4 of these a day. She's normally a fabulous eater but since she's been doing these poos, she is not really eating much at all and doesn't seem interested. She is drinking lots of water and a little bit of juice and milk so she's not dehydrated. There has been no vomiting and other than being a little whingy due to lack of energy from not eating much I think, she seems fine and her normal self. It doesn't happen at night time (thank goodness) just a few times during the day, and they do not smell the best either. Then again, what poo does smell good??? She hasn't had anything different to eat over the past few days that she hasn't had in the past either. Hoping that someone may be able to give me an idea what may be causing it.

Could she be cutting her 4yr old molars?
I don't really know. Teeth didn't actually occur to me before, but perhaps that could have something to do with it. She only turns 3 in March though, is it possible for her to be getting them already?

Yeah, they are actually the second molars but some parents call them 4yr old molars. Kids can get them from about 24mths onwards.
we had about three or four weeks of these wonderful liquid poo's. Gastro. Not much you can do, keep up the fluids. If it continues for more than a week, you can try and get a sample and take to the doctors to send to pathology. I would give them a ring and see what there time limit is before you do it - they don't take the samples before a certain number of days.
If you take a sample try and collect in a urine or poo specimum container and refrigerate overnight is you can't get it there that day.


Thanks Nicole and Suzee for your advice. I am pleased to say that after 3 days her poo returned to normal and she started eating again, thank goodness. Not sure really what it was, but Suzee's theory of teeth may have been the answer I think. Ebony has had gastro loads of times, even ended up in hospital with rotavirus in August, but these poos were different to that and weren't associated with any vomiting. Never mind, she seems to be 100% again now, so that is the main thing. Thanks again girls, really appreciate it.
Kate xx

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