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any ideas of what it could be? Lock Rss

I dont know what it is, but my normally very happy 16 months daughter, Eva has been a crying, screaming mess. Its almost as if she has separation anxiety at times, as i am not allowed to leave the room, or walk past her, we cant raise our voices, even if its not towards her ( its usually to her 2.5y/o brother!) sometimes she just starts crying for no apparent reason! Bedtime is becoming a nightmare.

As i said, she has ALWAYS been a very happy baby, and something had to be wrong ( like pain or being sick) for her to get upset. But this is beyond anything she has ever been!

She has no cuts or bruises and can stand to be poked and prodded, so im not thinking broken bones/ She doesnt have a temprature, and has most of her teeth ( except the very back molars) She is eating normally, if not faster than normal. She isnt constipated.

Im at a loss? Is this just a stage? She has never been a clingy, crying baby.
Maybe she's getting her molar teeth, my DD was miserable for 2 weeks, similar behaviour to what your DD is doing now.
I wondered about that, but she isnt showing any signs of teething. But im not ruling it out.

My mum and i were talking and we thinking its because there have been a lot of changes going on lately. DP and I just bought a business, and her routine has been changed slightly. Also i had my mum babysit her when they were in town last, and while she was fine at the time, she has become clingy since. We think it is because I left her in a strange place (my parents were staying at mum's in-laws)

With all the changes, and being left in a strange place, she is really clingy. More to me than dad. I cant leave the room without her almost getting hysterical!

Any idea of how to help?
my dd went thru a stage like this. she is 17 months and she is over it now but she was doing it about a month ago, bout the same age as yours!
she normally was a non-clingy baby too, i NEVER had to worry about that at all, then all of a sudden it got that bad i couldnt even go to the toilet in peace!!
i think it is just a stage but it will help if u dont 'dissapear' on her. like if u go out somewhere make sure u say goodbye to her and tell her u will be back later and if she cries dont comfort her coz then u will be letting her think its ok to get upset when u go.
alot of people make the mistake of sneaking out when they arent looking but that makes the child worry that u could leave them at any second and thats why they cling coz they dont want u to 'dissapear' again.
eventually she should get over it but always if u go somewhere let her know u will be back!
each time i have to go out now i say goodbye to tayla and she says 'bye bye' and wants to give me a kiss, then she says 'ta ta' and walks off without a worry coz she knows ill come back eventually!!
sorry if i rambled on too much!!!!

Its amazing how sensitive they can be to changes around them and it becomes more obvious as they get older. Like now, if DH and I aren't in the best of moods with each other (the usual quiet silence) DD reacts to it. She knows some-thing is up just from our less than usually happy attitudes and even a cranky look on our face.

I found lots of things effected DD from teething - molars truley suck and can act up for months before they actually cut. Growth spurts - it really messes with DD in that she will have massive sleeps and eat stacks, to suddenly not doing much of either. Mental development - more the sudden leaps in development, often preluded by frustration. I remember before DD started to speak very well (around 18-19 months) she was acting up terribly. It was put to me in a way that made sense in that often their mental development jumps ahead of their physical, so they know they want to do some-thing (like talk) but simply can't get their body working properly to do it.

At least you are conscious of the change, thats a good thing. Ensure you maintain a consistent routine, including discipline and don't pander to her as she is at a great age to manipulate you. Its suprising how quickly they figure out if they do certain things, they can wrap you around their little fingers.

Good luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

i dont want to alarm anyone. but have you taken her to the doctor and got her ears checked?she may have an ear ache/infection..just a thought. goodluck

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