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nasal gastric tubes Lock Rss

My 18 month old son has just been admitted to hospital as he is tiny (8kg, 75 cm tall)and they are investigating why ( he is a small eater but still shouldn't be this small). One of the outcomes may be for him to have a nasal gastric tube which will be attached to a pump in the night. I am wondering if anyone else has a child in the same situation that can share the experience with me. I am concerned about him being connected to a tube at night as he moves around a lot in his sleep and i am worried it ill get caught around his neck. Any input would be appreciated.

lisa : )

Hi Lisa check your emails I have sent you one there...
Hey Lisa,
Just wondering how you got on - My son had one for 5 weeks @ 2.5yrs and I ended up pulling it out - he was miserable.

SA, 2 beautiful boys 2.5 and 1 yrs

Ng's are horrible. DD is on and off an ng, as shes tiny too. She's 22months and 9.4kg now, and off the ng for a good two months so far. : )

Peta, mummy to Alexandra 22months : )

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