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2 year old snoring Lock Rss

my son is 2 years and 4 months and snores everytime he is asleep. Its terrible and i am very concerned for his health. Has anyone experienced this before? should i see a doctor? or am i just overreacting!?!?
My DS is a terrible snorer. he has just been to see the ENT who said his tonsils are so big that they are virtually touching and he has limited airway (hence his snoring, and other issues). his adenoids and nose are also inflamed. he also has glue ear. hence in 8 weeks he is going in for surgery. not meaning to scare you! your DS may not have other symptoms, but you can always get it checked out by GP and referred on if necessary (for peace of mind!).

thanks im going to the gp about a few things tomorrow so i ll talk to them about it. My son almost perforated his ear drum in december last year when he stuck a cotton bud in do you think this may be the issue? Thanks for your help and good luck with the surgery!
not sure about the ear drum thing?! was he putting the cotton but in there because something was irritating him (eg ear infection??) good luck at the gp. we went to 2 specialists to make sure we were doing the right thing. so if you dont like the answer get a second opinion.

My bub snores too! Informed by our GP that his tonsils are rather large. I was asked if I wanted them removed, but think that I may also try something else first - don't really like the idea of my 2 yr old 'going under'. A mum at my mother's group suggested altering his diet by removing dairy as that has assisted her son... worth a try, I guess.


My toddler snores too, we have a referral for an xray, concerned it might be his adenoids. We will be taking him for his xray probably next week, will let you know how we go.

Good luck

I have a 2 year old now!!

Is there a family history of snoring?
All of my children snore (my baby is 3mths but all have done it since birth), so do my niece and nephew, my sisters and I, my mum and dad and all my grandparents snored, my mum can also remember her own grandparents snoring.
[Edited on 11/09/2008]
thanks everyone!! he is going to an ent specialist to check everything is all good!
My DS had his xray and he has prominent adenoids, so looks like we will see an ENT, just waiting on the referral now. Does anyone know how old they have to be to have surgery? everyones telling me they have to be 3.


I have a 2 year old now!!

I would like to know this too- and if there are any other treatments (other than continuall being on antibiotics after evry viral infetion).DS is 7 months ols and is a snorer and has been very very snotty! we have an ENT referal but have to make an appt tomorrow.


DS1 had his tonsils and adenoids out wed (as well as grommets and his nose fixed). he didnt miss a beat! was running up the hospital corridor the next day and has been fine. he obviously is in some pain, but he is so good. his breathing has improved 110% in only a few days (no more snoring or heavy/noisey breathing). i am so glad i got it done as it was very necessary (affecting breathing through the night, not to mention constant pain and infection)

my ENT had a 10kg minimum weight for a child to be considered for the operation. so not sure if that is his thing, or a general rule.

My 3 year old also snores terribly. His breathing is very loud/noisey and I've noticed sometimes that it is almost like he holds his breath a second longer than normal. He is also a very light sleeper who constantly wakes through the night.

Does it sound like this issue may be his problem as well?
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