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Hand, foot and mouth disease Lock Rss

My DS came down with a rash on his mouth, because it was sunday yesterday I took him to a chemist where they gave me this cream to make the rash better. My husband dropped him childcare this morning and as he is only in childcare monday and tuesday's we weren't aware that there have been cases of foot and mouth going around the centre.
So my husband took him home as we didn't want to spread it in case his got it too. I'm going to the doc's with him this afternoon but was just wondering if it was common for childcare centre's to get foot and month and how serious it can be if my son does have it. I've never really heard of it in babies before.
[Edited on 07/10/2008]
My childcare centre has had a couple of outbreaks in the last 12months, so it's not uncommon. I don't think it's very harmful to the kids - tired, cranky, etc, but can be harmful to pregnant women so you need to let any pregnant friends know so they can discuss with their doctor.
He ended up having it sad Poor little thing has blisters in his mouth and is very sore from them.

Thanks for letting me know I have a pregnant friend who I will let her know.
[Edited on 07/10/2008]
poor litte man hope he get well.
i found this article.

How long is it infectious?

* A person with the disease is infectious until the blisters dry up. The virus is in the fluid of the blisters, and can be spread by coughing, sneezing and putting objects in the mouth.
* The virus is found in the child's poo, and can still be there for several weeks after the child has recovered. Careful hygiene practices are always needed in child care centres and at home.
* Children with hand foot and mouth disease should not attend school or child care until all the blisters have dried up.

Very common for this disease to pop up anywhere that children are, swimming, childcare, doctors rooms, play groups etc. And its highly contageous.

No serious effects. Your child may go off his food as they can appear in the mouth and being like little blisters they hurt - especially when they pop in their mouth. There is absolutely nothing you can do and you will need to keep him isolated from other children until all the blisters have dried up.

Poor bubba if he has it - he will be cranky and a bit uncomfortable.
He got cleared last Saturday thankfully. However believe it or not I've got it, only a mild case but the pain the blisters give you in your mouth kills me so I feel for the poor little ones that get it. They said it wasn't common in adults as we should be immuned to it but yeah then they said I had a mild case sad

Anyways the main thing is his better
do the blisters appear inside the mouth or outside the mouth (around the mouth or nearer to the their lips)? there's been a case of hand,foot/mouth disease in our daycare too and am paranoid my little one might have it. he has a small pimple looking thing on the top of his lip...


hi, they get it in and around the mouth. hope ur lil one doesn't have it sad maybe take them to doc just so you know.
He did end up having it! but like your case, my son only had a mild case. they are more like pimples small red dots- he had 3 around his mouth, 1 on his cheek, 1 on his arm, and some spots on his legs. they have since dried up now but he's had diarrea (sorry for wrong spelling) the past 2 days so not sure if thats part of it. he never got the blisters in his mouth cos he was drinking and eating normally. The doctor said its quite common for kids his age.


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