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2 x Grommets and Adnoid Surgery?? worried! Lock Rss

Hi My son is 3 at the end of December and is booked in to have grommets in both ears and adnoids taken out in 2 weeks.. Im quiet worried about the surgery and I have called the doc several times about questions! has anyone else had the same procedure and did anything go wrong??How long was the procedure for and was recovery quick?? Did it make a real difference as my son has only started putting 2-3 word sentences together in the last few weeks and was constantly getting ear infections and antibiotics all through winter.. alot of questions and any answers would be great! Thanks for reading!
My son had grommets put in when he was 12mths and 2 days old and like you I was really worried. Once he came out of surgery it only took about 2 hours and he was back to normal wouldn't have even known he'd had surgery! He's now 17mths and hasn't had an ear infection since! I'm not sure about the adnoids though - sorry but these types of surgery they do all the time on kids so TRY not to worry too much the end result will be all worth it
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