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Juvenile Diabetes Lock Rss

Hi! I just found out that my cousin's 2yo son has just been diagnosed with severe diabetes. It was discovered by chance because someone pointed out that he drinks alot and wees alot. After having the blood test the doctors said that if they hadn't discovered it- he would have been in a coma within 3 days.

I feel really sad for him because he has to have 4 injections per day poor bub.

I don't really know alot about this so if anyone out there can shed some light please help. I would love to hear how others are coping.


thats got me worried now,
My 3yr old drinks and wees heaps, She has always drunk heaps so therefore wees heaps, maybe i should get her checked out too, if you dont mind me asking, are there any other symptoms to watch out for. My bubs is generally a healthy wee girl.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

My daughter was diagnosed at 20 months, just over a year ago. She was only put onto 2 needles a day, and from what we were told it's unusual to do otherwise. Maybe she should check out whether she could just give her son 2 needles a day - one before breakfast and one before dinner. We usually had pretty good control this way.

Also, I don't think the doc should've said he'd be in a coma within 3 days - you can rest assured that he would've gotten very lethargic and obviously sick like our little girl. Your cousin would definitely have taken him to the doctor before he lapsed into a coma!

Hope they're coping well, and I highly recommend a pump! (I put another post elsewhere on this).
as bad as this may sound, i thnk your cousins son is better off having diabeties now, rather than finding out later on in life. ive had juvenile diabetes since the age of 2 aswell and im glad i got it young. ive been doing 4 injections a day (5 when i was pregnant) since i was 2 and i dont think anything of it. its a normal everyday occurance for me. i would rather have got it young then older and known that i would be missing out on so many things that i would have been used to. my daily routine has been the same for the past 19 years. and when you think about it haveing a managable disease is heaps better than having something like cancer or down syndrome.
Hey Mummy T

I my self have had Juvenile Diabeties for 20yrs

if you wish you can email me privatly at

[email protected]

I would be glad to talk to you and answer any of your questions.

I myself was worried about my DD as half my family has had juvenile diabeties for the same amount of time (yes we all got it in the same yr.)

I asked my endochronologist if i should worry about her and he said not now but i still worry.

i even posted on here, but as for ppl and kids with it i am happy to help.

Hope to hear from you soon


eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

Just let me put it out to all parents here that think it it better to get it young ~

If your child HAD to get diabeties for some reason would you prefer them to get it very young and have to learn how to control it and have to inject multiple times a day and have a big chunk of their childhood taken away ~

Or would you prefer them to get it older so that IF they were destined to get it and absolutely HAD to have it they would maybe get type 2 and only have to control it with diet and NOT have to inject multiple times a day

Just a question??

eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

Would just like to retract my comment that it is illegal to inject Glucose into yourslef or others - Seems in different state there are different rules and some are being shown how to do so, when being educated after diagnosis.

So sorry for that comment

eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?


I am sorry to hear that a 2 year has such an awful disease to live with.

I feel for the parents who's life will change.

The only advise that i would give to your cousin is to get connected with Juvenie diabetes to get community support networks and activites to meet other families with children who have Type 1.

JDRF or call 1300 363 126. This is a fund raising to find a cure but it will connect them with other families.

Hope that helps. Also I just brought the latest issue of Better homes and Gardens mag. Diabetic living it has really good recipes for xmas dinner so they don't miss out on a yummy food.

I have just got gestational diabetes and on insulin so I feel for kids who are diagnosed.
No one is ready for just an awful life change.

God Bless

4 1/2 yrs boy 28 mth girl

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