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never ending nappy rash Lock Rss

hi i am at my witts end my 22month old daughter has had constant nappy rash for the past year or so.i have tried every thing from salt baths to perscription creams to all the over the counter creams as well as several trips to the pediatrician with no success.I have cut out all juices,tried all nappies including nattys still no change.please help as she is in pain and discomfort .

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

The only thing I can think of is fresh air. Leave nappy off for as long as possible!!!!!!!!!!

A bit messy but it works.

I have never tried this but some people swear by it. It's paw paw cream. Can get it from health food shops. Some mum's on another forum had your problem and they all said it worked a treat!!

Good luck!!

Rebecca, Penrith.

Maybe you have tried this but i use Hydrozole cream oon my little boy with nappy rash. You really notice it clear up i use it on myself aswell when i get bad chaff, i dont know how to spell it. I dont know how much it is off hand. But it works wonders. I hope it helps.

Hi bizzymum, My son has re-occurring nappy rash and the best cream I can recommend is Curash - just from the supermarket. I have tried all creams over the counter at the chemist and prescription, but nothing works better.

Mum to Bub

Hi Bizzymum
Zach nearly 3yrs always had nappy rash it used to get to the point where he would be bleeding, and like you i had tried every cream i could find.I then tried using the juice from my Aloe Vera plant. I used to rub it on then put zinc and castor oil cream over the top, it was amazing.

Have you tried Derm-Aid this works great on my youngest.
You've probably got it sorted by now, but thought I'd add my bit anyway!
'Nappy Paste' or 'Nappy Mate' jars from Coles, Woolies, etc put on really thick have worked well when nothing else would. Good luck smile

Emma, WA, Riley-July''''04, Keira-Feb''''08

Baby could get nappy rash from one simple thing. my 2nd child used to had one preeeety nasty nappy rash and these because her babysit didn't change her nappy ASAP, when she needed one.
But lucky, dactozin save her day.
I think it's important that we should make sure we knew what caused the nappy rash. sometime, nappy rash caused by food alergy, or caused by baby wipe etc.

alisha,nsw, 3 yrs

hi Bizzymum,

Have you tried taking your daughter off dairy for a couple of weeks?

My son also suffered from really bad nappy rash. It would clear up and then come straight back. It would literally strip the skin off his butt. It would be red raw for ages. The doctor told me it was fungal but none of the creams etc helped. I eventually got a referral to a pediatrician when we went on holidays. He said to take him off all dairy for a month as it sounded like he was lactose intolerant.

I removed all dairy from my sons diet and put him on soy formula etc. I'm pleased to say that he has not had any bad nappy rash since.

I still give my son cheese and yoghurt but not alot and I give him soy milk.

This works for us at the moment but I would recommend to see a GP or pediatrician first.
Let me know how you get on.

All the best

Nicci - mum to 2 Gorgeous Little Horrors!!

Hi, my son never suffered from any nappy rash until a bad case of it at about 12 months of age. Tried all sorts of creams for a couple of weeks....nothing worked. Doctor prescribed steroids etc.....didn't work. Spoke to natural therapist in health food shop and she said it was caused by the acid in their poos from their little bodies not being able to digest some of their foods they eat as well as adults can. Milk can cause this and is apparantly a major factor in the cause. She suggested I put flaxseed oil in some of his meals which you can purchase at health food shops. (around $18 a bottle but lasts well) Just a teaspoon in his cereal or mash vegies etc everyday and believe me it works. My little man had the rash for ages and after 2 days of flaxseed oil treatment, rash was completely gone. Have had a recurrance recently (at age 20 months), used the flaxseed oil again and rash disappeared overnight. It's all natural and healthy for them and can be used once a day for preventative as well. Had a friend who's little boy had same problem for 2 weeks (his was worse - was bleeding & weeping)and she tried flaxseed oil after i told her and she rang me 48 hours later to say it worked. His rash was completely gone. This treatment also works wonders if your child suffers from eczema too. Usually my son will get a slight eczema rash when the nappy rash appears and both go away almost immediately with flaxseed oil.
Hope this helps.
We've only had a problem once with really bad nappy rash and that was post eating orange. The best way i found to clear it up was by adding 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate soda and a few drops of lavendar oil to her bath at night. At every nappy change I also used Desitin cream, available at most chemists. her rash cleared up in a few days. hope by now though your little ones rash is gone.
Hi im suzanne ive been with nappy rash with all of my children and nothing beats cornflour in a shacker my mother used it on me and my brother and sisters and my grandmother used it to as there wernt any creams available.

suzanne, vic, twins nearly 1

Hi I have a 17 month old that has had nappy rash for the last 2 weeks and the ONLY things that have cleared it up is No nappy time and paw paw ointment I have SMOTHERED her in it at Every nappy change I have also let her have a nappy off for about 1/2 and hour twice a day just to let her poor sore bits breath
I hope that helps

Have fun Deb and Jess

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