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Inguinal Herniotomy/ Hydrocele Lock Rss

Hi! Our DS is going in for a inguinal herniotomy in a few weeks time to correct a hydrocele problem in one of his testicles (fluid retention). It seems a very simple procedure (day surgery), but was curious as to what others hospital experiences have been (particularly with this type of surgery)

Not sure what to expect while DS undergoes anaesthetics. Do parents stay with them while they fall asleep? What about wound management?

I gather hydroceles are quite common in little boys, but most correct themselves by age two without the need for surgery.

I know the hospital will answer all of our questions when we get there, just thought I'd ask in the meantime.
Thanks! smile

Sue, DS b. Mar 2004

Hi there
I haven't experianced that procedure but my son had surgery at 3 weeks old for a condition called Pyloric Stenosis ( blockage at the bottom of the stomach). Surgery is a big deal for the child and mum and dad even if it is simple.
My son had is op at the Mater Childrens hospital in Brisbane so I can only tell you what the procedures were like there. Nathan already had a drip in so he was given his anasthetic throught the drip, we wern't there when this happened we had already handed him over for surgery. That I think was probebly the hardest part. We then waited in a special waiting room and when he came out of the surgery we recived a call to say we could go around to recovery and see him.
Good luck to you and your little boy
Hi there,

Our DS has had 2 ops (for other problems than your DS) - one was only minor day surgery, the other was major surgery.

Having your child have an op - minor or major - is totally scary. We didn't stay with DS whilst he fell asleep. Hospital policy is that one parent could go in whilst they put him under - but only if they are older than 6 months. DS wasn't 6 months - so they took him from us - that was hard - having to hand him over!

We were taught all about wound care by the nurses, and his surgeons even gave us a run down on it beofre we went home. The hospital supplied all the things we needed to care for his wounds at home.

What hospital is your son going to?

Good luck with everything.

Jess - Deklan 2005, Gabrielle 2007 & Campbell 2009

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