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Heart murmurs and potential complications Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

Just wondering if anyone else has gone thru similar;

My DD3 (18 months old) has just been diagnosed with a significant heart murmur. Our local Dr and the visiting paed who examined her think it's highly likely she has a VSD (ventricular spetal defect - hole between the ventricles of the heart).

I know heart murmurs are quite common in babies/toddlers so would love to hear from anyone else that has been thru this.

I'm trying not to stress at the moment but it's a bit hard not to when surgery could be on the cards. We're flying down to Perth this Sunday to get more tests done at PMH.

Thanks in advance smile

Hi! Just saw this and that no one had replied yet.
My DS had a murmur but a different cause than your DD (He had a significant pulmonary stenosis, a tight valve from his heart to his lungs). He needed a procedure done when he was only 2 days old. But, very different from your situation!
There is a group called 'heart kids' that seems to have a group in each state. If you contact them they can put you in contact with a family who has been in a similar situation or at least give you some more information about what might be going on with your DD.

I hope things go smoothly for you and your family - it is a very stressful thing to go through. Good idea though - try not to worry too much about it until they can do the echo test and let you know what the actual problem is with your daughter. Too much googling can be very bad for you and not even have any relation to your situation!
Will be thinking of you.

Thanks so much for your reply smile

I've been trying not to stress until we get the echo results. She may well have a small VSD that will close over in time so that's what we're hoping for.

Good to hear that everything is ok with your DS. Scary having to go through surgery so young. I'm a registered nurse so I understand the issues related to heart complications and I myself have a dodgy heart which doesn't affect me at all.

Thanks for the contact with the Heart Kids, I have heard of them but it didn't even cross my mind to try and find someone in a similar situation through them. Will get onto that soon.


Just wondering how things went?
Hope it was all straightforward!
Thanks for checking up on us smile

Turns out all that stress was for nothing. It's an innocent murmur that she should grow out of by the time she is school age.

Wohoo! smile

Yay! So glad to hear.
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