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Im hoping someone can help me my daughter has had a bad rash on her stomach .

The doctor keeps giving her antibiotics and nothing is helping , we went to the eczema clinic and they said it wasn't eczema im at a loss to do the poor girl is scratching madly and we have tried all forms of fatty creams and steriod creams , her skin is not dry just red and itchy has anyone else had this ?

here is a link to the photo of her stomach could it be an allergy ?
My son had a similar sort of rash.i took him to the chemist and they said it looked like contact dermatitis.they gave me some cream (sorry cant remember the name was 10 years ago) and i gave him porridge baths (put rolled oats in a stocking and put it in the bath)and it was very soothing.he also suffers badly with eczema so we still do the baths now.i would be telling the doctor no more antibiotics.obviously arebt making a difference so dont see the point.
I agree as to stop antibiotics, they haven't done anything and could be making it worse. Ask chemist first-they see everything!!
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