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Hearing problems Lock Rss

I am taking miss 4 to the docs on Monday, she is having trouble hearing, about a month or 2 back she had a bad ear infection and after a week of antibiotics she had a hearing test with vibrations I think and she failed it and I was told thats ok cos sometimes it takes a bit longer to get back to normal, then about 3 weeks later she had another test at kindy and failed again and it is very noticeable now that she cant hear properley, I was told to go the mobile ear clinic but dont know when thats going to be in town, I have been told that the doctors just refer you to them anyway so not sure whats going to happen. I guess the only thing I can do is wait till Monday but I'm worried about glue ear and I really hope its not another ear infection, since we moved here she has had so many.

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My 2 Year old son has similar problems...
He has had 3 ear infections so far this year and the first one being 6 months ago... My doc noticed not long after that he had alot of fluid in his ears, but told me that it would most likely drain off by itself. 2 infections later and a hearing test in between and he has still got it... His behaviour at the moment is atrocious and he just wont listen to any instructions.
Fed up, I took him to his paeditrician who also noted the fluid and big tonsills and he then refereed me on to a ENT specialist... He is having grommits put in on the 29th November.
Fingers crossed


my little boy is in the same boat he is 3.5 he has had hearing tests and his hearing is well below normal due to a fluid build up putting pressure on his ear drum so he need gromits which we are getting next week hope all is well with your daugther email me if you like at
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