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what to take to hospital for my 3 year old Lock Rss

my 3 year old is going into hospital and i dont know what to pack for her. we have just started pottying her and i dont know weather to put her back in nappies for the time she in hospital will puting her nappies for about mounth mean that i will have to start potty training again or do i leave her out of nappies for the mounth that she in hospital.


maybe try with out and see how she goes or maybe talk to the nurses about how they feel what they think is best !if she's having surgery etc nappies would prob be best but just chat to the nurses and see what they say ! good luck !

MUM TO RJ 28 10 03 & EJ 23 07 06

i have talked to the nurse and they say that it would problem be find both ways but i still dont know if it mean re stating toilet training


how about putting her in pull ups so that she can ask for teh toilet if she needs to go but if she has an accident it doesnt matter then its really her choice at the time ?? and u can just see how she goes?
it is now my 12 year olds turn as he has just had a manger heart promble and now has to go in. he wears nappies at night but when he get freaked or scared he seems to wet/soil hisself do i put him in for the whole time so that if he does get scared he will be find


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