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post natal depression.. Lock Rss

Has anyone out there suffered PND?!?! How did you survive?!?I'm having trouble!! i have 3 children a 24mnth girl and a 15mnth boy and 14 year old girl and a wonderful husband but that isn't helping it has gotten worse since i had my youngest child. They are good kids but i am always getting upset with them and thats not what i want it to be like with them.. Please help..



I'm so sorry that you are suffering at the moment.

Yes, I had PND for the first 7 months after my baby was born. I ended up seeing my GP who prescribed me antidepressents (which i was on for about 7 months) and my child community nurse got me into group therapy. Both of these things helped me immensly. The medication helped me cope with things much better and I found it extremely helpful to listen to other people's experiences and feelings as well as talk about my own.

There was no pressure to talk if I didn't want to.

There was someone in my group who had 4 children and had been suffering from it since child no. 2. (without seeking help) All sorts of people suffer from PND and for many, many reasons (and some people suffer for no reason at all)

My advice would be to go and see your GP and/or child communtiy nurse. They will probably suggest counselling of some sort (group or individual) counselling and depending on how you are feeling, the doctor might suggest antidepressents for a while. (I was frightened about taking medication but it was great for me. They weren't addictive and I personally didn't have any side effects).

My son is now 15 months and I feel great. You don't need to be suffering from this. Please don't be afraid to ask for help. You can and will get better.

I wish you all the very, very best for your recovery.

Take care
i suffer from ond i was on anti depressants and they helped but i came off them for a number of reasons my son is now 18 months and im just starting to feel better i found talking about it helps not only to other mums with pnd but mums in general i found that a lot of what i was feeling was normal and other mums felt it to my feelings were just exaggerated but knowing that its ok to feel that way helped me a lot i would speak to your gp about it discuss your options with medication and councelling maybe join a mums group? there are plenty of online ones on msn that have forums and teh members chat on msn as well as have meet ups. keeping busy really helps! and exercise to put bubs in the pram and head out for half hour and u will feel so much better. if u need some one to talk to feel free to pm me!
Thank you. I have been to doc and am on mild medication. She thinks maybe I should up the dose, but I'm not so keen. My main reson for being down is since I had my daughter 2ys ago I've struggled with housework and looking after babies because of carpel tunnel in both hands and a bad back. also had tendon and nerve damage in 1 hand. Had operation on 1 hand last week and hoping it has worked. I also will be getting my back xrayed to see what is wrong. I've had no-one to talk to so its been getting me more down. I'm hoping getting my physical self fixed will help get the rest of me better. Thanks again.


That's a tough one. Your physical difficulties alone would be enough to get anyone down. I hope you have someone to help you.

During the first 8 months I had problems with my hands too (not as severe as yours). I had DeQuarvains (sp?)syndrome affecting the tendons from my thumbs down to my wrists). It was excrutiating at times. I found it extremely difficult doing simple tasks like unscrewing a bottle lid - right through to picking up my baby. I was so fearful of dropping him. It was sooo frustrating and I used to get very angry and upset about it. Just adding to my PND problems. I ended up getting physio and had to wear splints on both wrists. Apparently it's common for women to get as a result of being pregnant (to do with hormones). I'm perfectly fine now thank goodness. One other woman in my PND group had the same problem as me and another one in my PND group had carpel tunnel.

So I can relate to what you might be going through a little bit. I do hope that the operation on your hand has worked. I also sincerely hope that they can get to the bottom of what is causing your back pain too. This is soo horrid for you.

Hang in there. Would you consider counselling? For me, talking helped heaps.

Keep in touch - I'd like to hear how you are getting on.
Take care

ive havent had pnd is there anything u can do to prevent it i dont understand if u didnt have it with your first why then do u get it with your second or third etc i just dont wnat to get it is all my step mum got it with her daughter and she has told me really bad stories
[Edited on 08/02/2008]

I think it is to do with hormones and the stresses in your life. Mind you, I was a young single first time mum with a reflux baby that screamed day and night and I would have expected to have P.N.D then. Maybe I was just to busy and tired to suffer from it then. Go figure.


i got pnd after my secound child. i didnt get it with my first so i autimatically thought it ment that i was a bad mum and i thought i was letting my kids down. i couldnt understand, i have two wonderful children and a loving husband.
but honestly, you cant prevent it! everyone gets depression at some stage in their lives and if you get it you just have to take it day by day and get through it as best as you can!
in the past couple of weeks my pnd has gotten worse and i have been on meds for acouple of months. once again i thought i was a horrible mum and i couldnt do anything right. so i went back to to dr and they uped my doseage and now i am fine!! dont be scared to up your dose! its just a tablet! it doesnt change the person that you are. i have severe depression and for me, its a long term thing.
having pnd doesnt make you a bad mother or a different person! its hard sometimes but, being a mum is hard!! and as they say, life wasnt ment to be easy!
the best thing to do is to tell everyone that you know! its nothing to be ashamed of! the more people you tell, the more help you will have to get through it!
take care and dont stress about the little things!! the dishes will be there tomorrow! and so will all of the other day to day things. its the big things that matter in life so make sure that the big things are ok before you worry about the little things!! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU MATTER!!!!!!!!
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