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Feeling like a crap mum:( Lock Rss

Well my lil boy is 2 and has started acting out really badly.He screams and stamps his feet and when its really bad I end up screaming at him and just eats me up in side.He had grommits put in bout month ago as he was always getting bad ears which led to him being even sicker and we would end up in hospital.He is teething and has an inflamed ear at the moment and the stupid docs just gave me the same antibiotics to give him which dont work!! I always say thats why he is acting out cause he is tired or teething and has really bad pain in his ears.He has been put in to a bad and wakes up alot not sleeping well in the bed. Im also 7 months pregs and maybe he knows something is happening.I use to think I was a good mum but the last few weeks I dont know what to think Is it just me???Is anyone else going through this???
Awww you're not a crap mum! My dd1 is 3.5 and has grommets too. I feel like i am always using her ears as an excuse for bad behaviour but the simple fact is kids with ear problems generally do act up more. Ear aches are just so painful!! My dd has a blocked grommet at th mo that seems to be giving her pain, it feels never ending! Maybe we just have strong willed children and it has nothing to do with ear problems lol.
I hope so.Bubs woke at 530am this morn and we had a tantrum because he wouldnt go back to bed I mean the birds were not even up yet!we ended up just getting up and watching tv.How are you to react when they gave these tantrums
JanMarie, Pick your Battles with your 2 yr old. try not to battle over everything as soon as he acts up. very normal for a 2 year old to be testing but mostly they are wanting to explore this world in much more depth then they have ever wanted to before.
try to distract '2' from the reason he's acting up.. make a big happy deal of something you've just seen out the window and begin role modeling how happy u are to see this thing outside and begin making a conversation about it... '2' will be sure to become interested as u continue to re direct his negative behaviour.
make sure u have lots of activities to keep '2' stimulated. rotate your toys each week so that '2' is seeing new things in the home thus being stimulated instead of acting out. have many puzzles, books that make sounds, books with wildlife and big realistic pictures, games such as (i have a barrel of coloured frogs, which my 16mth old doesn't know how to use but enjoys sorting through them and putting them in & out of the container)
so normal for a 2yr old.
I just wanted to let you know i feel your pain.

My 4 year old has had 5 sets of grommits, his adenoids and tonsils out, and most recently a cortical mastoidectomy where they drilled out some of the bone in his ear to drain it.

The bottom line is that kids with ear troubles are more distractable, more irritable, and need extra assistance to manage their emotions. Positive parenting like the previous poster described is really great, and just be comforted that it is not that you are a crap parent (otherwise all parents with kids with persistent ear problems are crap parents because they all seem to have similar issues!) it is just part of the illness. Hang in there.

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