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Vacuum cleaner.. big scary monster Lock Rss

hi girls, we have one of those tall big vacuum cleaners. Ash loves it, but tunr the big monster on and he SCREAMS! i normally try an vaccuum in the arvo when daddys home so he can keep him downstairs. I was filling out an application form for child care and it had fears? as a quetsion. i figured i better put loud noises cause its any big noise like a vacuum, blender, my hair dryer.
The other morn i ahd to vacuum some formula i spilt oin the carpet and ash cried beforeit wa son knowing what i w goin to do, then ran to my sideof the bed and hid! very cute but the por id was hystericsl! If i put him in a df rom, he follows to make sure i'm ok. lol
any dieas how to overcome this fear?

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Mitch hadf a big fear of the vacuum cleaner, he used to scream while ever it was on and while it wasn't, if it was just sitting on the floor, he would scream if he had to go near it, i used to vacuum when hubby is home, but now he is used toit, he is still a bit wary of it and if you aren't beteen him and the vacuum cleaner while you are using it he gets abit worried, but he's getting better too!!! I think it's just a matter of keeping do it to show them they don't hurt them!!!
Hope i have helped, though some others out there probably have better ways than mine!!!
Good luck!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

bella is the exact opposite..she love the vacuum cleaner and follows me all over the house to play with the cord or try to jump on top of it.
She was a tad scared of the hair dryer at first but she is fine with that now..all i did was laugh and play games with her like pretend to dry her hair and let it blow over her face and she was fine.

good luck!!

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

Yep we go through that atm. I turn the vacuum on and she crawls to me quick smart and clings to my leg which i dont need when im trying to vacuum. When the vacuum touches her its even worse. To stop any more hassles i just put her in her cot while i get it done.

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