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Not wanting to join in Lock Rss

My 2.5 year old DS is a typical 2 year old, has tantrums, is very lively and quite a happy boy most of the time. My only problem at the moment (and I reiterate "at the moment!") is that he does not want to socialise. I have taken him to playgroups since he was 1 and he enjoyed it until last term. I enrolled him in Sportybots instead for this term and took him last week and he cried then didn't want to join in or even look at what the other kids were doing. Is this normal? I dont want to stop taking him and I have paid $100 but I don't want to stress him out.

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

Hi there!
Sounds like my DD!!
My DD is 2 and I have taken her to the same playgroup since she was 3 months and lately she is doing the same thing.If one of the kids comes up to her she cries and she won't go and play like she used to,she wants me to sit with her while she plays.
All the kids are doing the typical tantrums and whinging but she is the only one that doesn't want to interact with the kids.
We start back at swimming in a few weeks and I'm worried she is going to do the same thing there!
I don't know if it's normal but I am praying that it is just a stage and she will get over it soon!


Its normal, they dont actually play with other children until they are around 3 - at the moment they play alongside but not with other kids and prefer doing their own thing or sticking with Mum or Dad.

My DD is 28 months and enjoys playing on her own or with me or another adult whose lavishing on the attention... the other kids are just competition for the toys or attention smile She enjoys adult led activity with other kids and will have a giggle with them but is not really playing with the kids as such, she's enjoying the adult playing a game with her.

Maybe he's a bit overwhelmed by the new activity and needs some time to feel comfortable, I'd stick with it and just let him hang back if he wants to whilst there... he'll join in when he's ready.

I think that it is normal as they adapt and change their tastes from what they like and don't like quite frequently. Why we don't understand what is going on I think is just being a parent and I think it could be the children just being children, absorbing different things at different rates, they see things and interpret things differently to what we do and somethings really freak them out which we can't see the reason for. They don't have the vocab to express themselves to us.

New situations, changes in routines and faces in social venues can worry little ones. It may take them an entire term of being tentative and not appearing to want to socialise before they start to show the courage to join in and not run away from other children to get used to the routine of the new social situation, be that swimming class, playgroup etc...

Be supportive, and encouraging, slowly, each week they will grow and be more comfortable, they will take it in before they are confident enough to strut their stuff.
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