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  5. does your child know both male and female genital names?

does your child know both male and female genital names? Lock Rss

a follow on thread to the "what does your daughter call her vagina"

eli showered with me until a few about a month ago, but is back to showering with me as he always tips water out of the bath.
so since he was 18months i taught him his doodle and he knows what his testicles are.

but......he thinks i have a doodle aswell. which is because i used to just say say "yes, mummies doodle, dont touch"
so should i teach him that a girl has a vagina, or would you leave it? im not sure if i would be telling him too much as hes only just past 2 yrs old.
i was going to post the same question today.

hayden turned 2 last month so about the same age.

he knows his doodle and has previously said mummys doodle and ive agreed but said to my friend today that i should prob tell him its name and that its not a doodle, i wasnt sure what word to use....

any suggestions people

Well I think if your boy is seeing you naked then he's seeing your pubic hair not your actual vagina. If you want to teach correct names then go for it but he's not actually seeing your vagina... I hope LOL!

My 2 1/2 year old calls hers a fanny (so I have one too) and bottom. She has a bath with her Dad all the time but as yet hasnt asked what his bits are, suppose we'll go with doodle and bottom as well.
My 2 y/o DD knows that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina smile

I was taught 'fanny' as a girl, but I don't see the point in making up another name. Being a nurse I guess I am kind of used to using correct terms smile

I know someone who taught their DD that her vagina is called a 'cookie' and another friend was taught to call hers a 'penny'?! Hehe.. Each to their own smile

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

My daughter is almost 3 and she knows the differenc.

I taught her a couple of words, each family member has a different name.

Her dad has a bottom, mum has boobies, her baby brother has a ding dong and she has a word that is in Serbian which is similar to saying fanny in English. She also says that her brother has 'eggs' for balls.

Daughter 4 and son is almost 2

We've taught our girls that they are "girly bits" and "boy bits". Just thought tghey sounded much nicer than gfanny etc, and I didn't want to have any odd or slang words basically. My 3yr old girl did the other day have a more specific lesson on her brothers boy bits tho as she was telling me that "Archer's girly bits are very lumpy mum!"

She used to tell me when I changed my nephew that his bottom was wobbly, we did feel that was a bit cute went with it for a while cos it was much easier for a 2 yr old to think that!

Paige 41/2, Jamison 3, Archer- 15mths!

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