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Anger in 5yr old Lock Rss

My DS is 5 and has in the last couple of months started to get really angry. If he is playing with his 2 yr old brother and things dont work out the way he wants he will cletch his teeth and growl at his brother or hit him.

Tonight with me he got cranky about something and turned in his chair and hit his face and started crying - I went round to give him a cuddle and he started screaming at me and scatching me- he was put on the stairs and was thrashing around!!

Does anyone else 5 yr old do this - he hasnt never been soooo angry and aggressive. Its like a 2yrs old tantrum (which he never did). Its been getting worse over the last while and I have almost had enough of him ( I feel like a dreadful mum saying that) but I have no idea what to do!

Is it normal!!! I am exhausted dealing with it every day all day!!!

Thanks for any advice!!
Sounds like my 4yr old. She is the sweetest girl but don't cross her. She when she is tired, frustrated or things don't go her way look out!!

Today she had a long day at daycare & we stopped on the way home to get tea. What a mission, I was punched, hit & yelled out several times. Once she got it out of her system she sat outside the supermarket & cried while calling me a horrible mother as I wouldn't buy her something she wanted.

My eldest never did this so I struggle when she does it. I worry also as her dad has bi-polar & it always crosses my mind how she will go.

I think at their age it's a way of getting their frustration out. I try my very hardest not to get angry & yell as that doesn't work with her. In the end the poor little thing ends up crying & telling me she is sorry & she loves me.

Hang in there & I know what you mean about having enough of it. I'm hoping my girls will grow out of it as she gets older smile
My 4yr old boy has the same problem, if he doesn't get his own way and has started hitting me. Gets very angry If I tell him off for doing things he knows he shouldn't be doing.

I have heard boys especially get a testosterone hit around 4 - 5yrs of age and they need to be stimulated more. Running around etc.

I am also fed up with his behaviour and not always sure about it.

I put him in his bedroom until he calms down and then have a chat with him about his behaviour. If he then goes off again I have him run around the house 4 times (this generally settles him straight away)

I find giving him his own safe space seems to work the best.

The other thing is he may be seeking attention from you, as if he has started school recently he may be missing his mum time. Maybe look at creating a time where you and him spend some special time together (walk, read artwork etc)

I hope some of the ideas might help as I know I haven't found the perfect 1 stop solution yet.
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