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when will she get teeth???? Lock Rss

My little girl is 12mths old and has NO teeth and it doesn't look like she will be getting any soon. I don't know if this is bad or good , but I know all of my friends children have had at least one before they are 12mths. Has anyone ever been in the same boat and have any ideas???

Emma, NSW,13mths baby girl

Hi Emma,

A friend of mine had 4 children and 2 of her babies cut their first teeth at 14 and 16 months of age. The other 2 cut theirs a bit earlier, but not to worry. It will happen eventually. Just think how cute they look now without their teeth, because it will never be the same again. Your dummies, teats, etc will last longer for now, too.

My little girl cut her first two teenth 2 weeks ago! I was so sick of people telling me she was 'teething' from about 3 months, because of her red cheeks and dribbling. When she actually did cut teeth there was not a rosy cheek in sight, but the nappy rash, clinginess, irritability and sleepness nights i really could have done without. My older brother didn't cut teeth until he was 18 mths old so it may be a family thing. I have been told though that the longer it takes to teeth, the longer they will keep them as adults. It may be an old wives tale, but it may shut up smug mothers whose children got their teeth earlier. Also you may find when your little girl does teeth, that she gets them one after another. Not much fun for you, but it probably won't be as spread out as it is for earlier teethers.

Rachel, SA, mum to Ella 11mths

Hi Emma,
Yes those will come. My twins both cut 2 teeth on the bottom on the same day pretty amazing I thought. Well my sisters eldest daughter didn't get any teeth until she 2yrs old and use gum everythink that she could get her hands on mainly pizza crust as that was hard and tasty. Some get them early and some get them late. But if you are concerned at any time about her gums at any time then take her to be looked at. Dont worry they will come and when they do you'll know.

Good luck Di.
It mustn't be an old wives tale because my dentist said the same thing about the longer it takes to get them the longer they'll keep them - it also means that the longer it takes the more mature and independent they'll be about caring for them.

My twins dribbled and dribbled from 3 months old too and everything was 'teething, teething, teething'. When my son finally got his first tooth at 8 months, no dribbling, no rosy cheeks, no nappy rash but very irritable and clingy. It also looks as though he has more teeth coming soon. My daughter still has no teeth and don't look like they'll be coming any time soon.

Every other baby I know has teeth and had them early, but I felt better after talking to a girlfriend who's daughter cut her first tooth at 12months and son at 10 months.

It's another one of those things where every baby is different, but don't worry it will happen!

My daughter now has teeth at 14 months of age. She cut 2 teeth (one top and one bottom) 2 days ago after no more than the usual teething which a bit of panadol at night took care of. The hardest thing for her seemed to be getting to sleep after they were through as she was worried about the 'sharp things sticking out of her gums' and couldn't get comfortable. She wasn't quite as bad tonight, although she's still not at her best. She has had all the teething signs on and off since about 4 months with friends her age already having well over 10 teeth. Babies who get teeth late may just have tough gums? Could be why they are healthier. Make the most of the benifits of having no teeth and enjoy the gummy smile.

Lucy's Mum

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