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Feeding 21 Month Old Lock Rss

I envy you all. I can't even get my LO to eat fruit. The only thing I can get her to eat is cereal and yoghurt. Whenever I try food she just shakes her head and holds her lips tight? Any suggestions or help please!!!!!
I probably can't offer you a solution other than the one I'm sure you already know "they won't let themselves starve' - got I hate that one. But I can let you know you're not alone. We've always had to work really hard to get DS to eat his food - except fruit & cheese! The only way we can normally get him to eat is by giving him a toy etc to keep him occupied and then we shovel the food in whilst he's happy playing in his highchair. He is starting to get better and there's certain things that he loves that he'll eat of his own accord (scrambled eggs with grated cheese smothered in vegemite and the Latina fresh ravioli pasta). Most things he'll feed himself a couple of bites then need to be feed the rest. I too soft to do the 'if he's hungry he'll eat' technique. We're finding DS even more difficult at the moment because his 2yr old molars are coming through and his mouth hurts too much when he thinks of eating. He loves cold from the fridge grapes, strawberries & cherries - i think they're nice on his gums.

To get some fruit into your DD you could add pureed fruit into both cereal & yoghurt. I still puree up apple & pear and add this to DS's weetbix along with mashed banana and I'll often give him as dessert mashed banana & avocado with yoghurt & pureed pear - he loves it. But still to get him to eat it he has to be entertained.

Sorry that I haven't been much help, if you find a miracle let me know.


Cereal and yoghurt is good, better than what a lot of kids eat - lol.

Their tastes change and often how food is presented makes a huge difference. I'd keep offering the normal foods your family eats and the usual eating times, your little one will adjust - in time.

Try not to resort to what your bub will eat, because they soon learn that if they refuse to eat what you offer them - they will get what they want.

You could try getting your little one involved in the cooking. Its amazing how some will happily eat up some-thing they have helped create.

How does she go with finger food?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

hmmm about using the yoghurt..try cutting finger pear sticks and banana dip in yoghurt?...yum yum!!! goodluck

i got the big mouth book (it has a website from memory its just and combined this with a star chart for my 23mo DD. we've only been using it for 8 days, but she has 6 stars on the chart! and has eaten pumpkin soup, chicken, carrots and zucchini, stuff she would never even try before. my doc suggested the star chart with a lucky dip for every 5 stars she gets.

i also get her to 'help' with dinner - the night we had pumpkin soup she put all the vegies in the pot for me and helped blend it

hope this helps
Thanks to everyone for the responses, really given me a few ideas which I will try. The answer to the finger food is she does not eat any, if this refers to apple or fish fingers, she eats nothing. The only other "healthy" thing besides yoghurt and cereal is biscuits but dont think that classifies as finger food?

Any comments or suggestions would help. Thanks!
It might be worth setting up a little plate of all different finger foods and seeing what she does with it. Here are a few other ideas that might be worth a try. Keep attempting too, she might refuse now - but out of the blue she may decide she wants them.

* Dried fruit - raisins are awesome.
* Watermelon - great fun for them, but messy.
* Slice of ham or chicken breast (usually suck on it).
* Cheese sticks.
* Sandwich - even use cookie cutters to cut them into fun shapes.
* Toast fingers.
* Slices of other cooked fruit or even vegetables like carrot. Make sure they are cooked well, then cooled.

Thats a few ideas off the top of my head.
Good luck, sounds like you have a tricksey one - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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