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Extended Breastfeeding Mums..... Lock Rss


I am still b/feeding my 18 month old DS. Usually before his lunchtime nap, before bed and through the night comfort sucks (which annoy me) but am hoping he may just grow out of it one day soon???? I hope. smile

My health nurse suggested i stop particularly the night feeds as his weight gain was significantly slow. My hubby is quite lean, so i am not concerned.

I b/fed my now 5 year old DD for 2 years, but she just had a before bed feed for nearly 12 months.

I was reading most of the threads and want to thank u all for contributing, because at times i want to stop feeding but the threads have given me a boost to keep plodding along. I know it is special and a wonderful gift i can provide for my children.

I particularly commend the young girl ( sorry forgot the name) who was at school yet was still managing to breastfeed her child beyond 12 months. Well done! So many young woman choose to not breasfeed for whatever reason,( acknowledge that some can not) but it is great to see young and old having a go.

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Well another month bites the dust. LOL

We are down to only 2-3 feeds most days and he did have a mini strike going for a bit which concerned me but seems to have sorted itself out by me keeping it on the downlow. He's back to feeding for comfort too which is a relief to me as he'd stopped doing that and I was concerned he was getting ready to wean and even though he's been feeding nearly twice as long as DS1 and I am so happy to have managed that I'm still not ready to stop yet. LOL

He seems to be superfast and I sometimes wonder if he is getting enough, and he's drinking heaps more water now (wish he'd be at the breast more but he won't have it unless he wants to, which is as it should be); he has started pulling my top down now when he is done, which is too cute. LOL He's cottoned on because I always do that if he's faffing alot and tell him he's done.

How's everyone else going?


We are still the same. DD is now 22 months and still breastfeeding madly! She does the super fast thing as well, but she just does it a lot!! Oh, she has started this truly annoying way of feeding in the middle of the night where she will be in a crawling position (and half asleep) and keep pushing off with her feet. She then changes sides constantly as well. She does this anywhere between 1/2 hour to 2 hours. So frustrating!!! I can't sleep through it because of the pushing off the bed. If I take her off though, she just keeps looking for it and eventually ends up properly awake so then I have to start all over again anyway.....
It will pass though!! Its just one of those little phases....
Hope everyone else is going well!
Posted by: ~kitty~
Very awkward being the playgroup mum freak... I can't believe how some people find tandem feeding totally unacceptable. I really need to start going to my ABA coffee group meetings again!

Completely understand that, just from the age perspective. That's why I love my LLL meetings because you don't tend to get the judgemental people who think that not only should you not still be feeding a walking/talking child but that if you are feeding two or more (know someone who was triandem feeding) then you are the biggest freak out there. With people who know us I don't think it's that big a deal, but I suspect strangers or people in a new group would think I was a bit "strange" to still be feeding my 17 month old; which is sad but goes to show the whole mentality around bf anyway. Plenty of people already think I am a bit "odd" so don't need one more thing to confirm that thinking. LOL

I keep posting here because it a) gives me a sense of accomplishment and support as well as some goals to work towards and b) I want a "record" of how we are/were doing because sometimes I think the details can get a bit hazy the longer you go on and I want to remember the snuggly times. LOL

Hi, I just found this thread. My DS is 1 on Friday, so I'm not sure if I'm an "extended breastfeeding mum" yet, but I hope to become one! I got my 1st frowns and whispers for feeding him in public last week (I was in a parents room, with other breastfeeding Mum's, but apparently mine is "too old".....or so the Nana that was there thought...out loud) it actually made me happy - after a VERY shakey start I've managed to bf long enough to upset old biddy's!! YAY! My original goal was 6 months when I went back to work fulltime, I decided to express and keep going, then I thought I'd stop to ttc #2, but that's getting close and I think maybe I'll try and continue...

I caught up with some of my Mum's group last week - I don't see them much because of work sad. I looked around and realised there were seven of us with bub's ranging in age from 6 months to 18 months and we are ALL still bf! That also made me happy!

Anyway sorry for rambling and YAY to all of us!

Thats FANTASTIC Froggi!!!

Yes, I would definately say you are officially an extended breastfeeding mum! Sadly I think its pretty much anything over 6 months really......
Hi I'm having a little problem and was hoping one of you wonderful extended breastfeeding Mums could help/reassure me. DS is just over 12 months and down to 3 bf's per day (one is a just a snack when I pick him up from daycare) plus an occasional night feed. I had a rather nasty food poisoning episode on Friday night and I was too weak and dehydrated to feed him much on Saturday. As a result I seem to have very little milk. I feel much better today and have fed him more times to try and boost my supply again, luckily I have tomorrow off work and can do the same. But come Tuesday we'll be back to 2 feeds and a snack per day. Is my supply likely to recover at this late stage, with so few feeds per day? Or has a dodgey supermarket bbq chook brought about the end of my beautiful bf relationship? I'm feeling a bit emotional, I soooo not ready to stop!

From what I have been able to ascertain, bearing in mind I have never been here before......milk is actually made at each feeding session from I think about 9 months, so tends to be less in "reserve" and more a you want it, here it is type thing. Have you tried the ABA? Sure they'd have plenty of information. It's possible to carry on with just one feed a day for years so I imagine that things will be okay and get back to "normal". smile]

My boob monster seems to be disappearing. wink] He seems less and less interested and some days I am lucky to get one feed in him (usually first thing in the AM before breakfast) when not even 3 months ago he'd be on up to 4-6 times a day. Unlike when he was young and he'd never refuse an offer, now getting him to sit still long enough to "get ready" seems too long. I am back to keeping things on the down-low, don't want to turn this into a battle and drive him to wean possibly before he would have done but can't help but think this might be the beginning of the end...........and I'm not ready! LOL

Sorry for the moan, just lots happening here (could be picking up on that I suppose)and feeling a bit down about it all; here I was worrying about how I'd feel if he got to 3 or 4 (or 5!) and now we might not even get to 2. wink]


Thanks Christina, things seem to be improving (except for my tummy.....not sure I'll ever feel like eating again LOL) and luckily DS has been very co-operative - he seemed keen for the extra feeds. Hopefully we are back on track.

Hopefully your DS is just going through a phase. Phases are driving me nuts - last week DS would eat bananas and pretty much nothing else. This week bananas are for throwing and if it's not scrambled eggs he won't eat it.....grrr

Thanks again and goodluck!

Hi Everyone!

i cant believe i haven't come across this thread sooner!
forgive me for not reading through the whole thing as its getting late and i wanted to posts before i go to bed.

Im Emma, and for those who dont know me i have a 15 month old daughter Ashlee who is still very much breastfed!
She is still having at least 4 feeds a day and at least one or two over night (i would gladly drop these ones though LOL)
she is OBSESSED with my boobies! She too recognises the click of my bra strap, "tickles" my chest when she wants a feed, sticks her hands down my top, lifts my top, pulls at my bra, whatever she can to let me know she wants a feed and wants it NOW! Especially in the middle of something important and often in public!

I haven't had anyone openly tell me i shouldnt be feeding but my MIL often asks how long i plan to feed and says "well you have to stop sooner or later" to which i usually smile and say "yes later would be good"

Anyway i am a huge Pro Breastfeeding gal and am glad i've come across a thread with some of you "experienced" mummies LOL

Happy feeding to all!
Hi all
my dd is 20months n is still breast feed aswell she only has a night feed n when she wakes through out the night n only a day feed when she has a sleep i agree good to see there is alot of other mums out there feeding at this age i have alot of people asking me when am i going to stop but i feel it is up to us we r the ones feeding them so lets go n keep breast feeding as long as we can good luck to all other mums n mums to be on breast feeding
I didn't realise this thread was still around... GREAT to see it is though!

I am no longer BF, i weaned my DD at two as i was pregnant and found it all too draining.

I just wanted to say to kitty, dont feel guilty at wanting to wean your DD, You have done a great thing BF her for so long, and i can only imagine how hard it is to tandem feed!

As for gentle ways to wean when they are not quite ready, not sure there is such a thing. I found with my DD, cold turkey was the only way to go... She wasn't ready and i was feeling guilty but it had to be done. She actually coped really well with it all, probably better than me, actually.

Focus on the fact that you have given her the best start in life and give yourself a break, you deserve it. Hope it all goes well for you and hopefully your DD will be like mine and take it all in her stride.
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