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  5. my 1 year old won't eat propley

my 1 year old won't eat propley Lock Rss

nearlly every meal i feed my one year old he will spit out i have tried everything i can think of i've tried the can food freash cooked food but nothing works don't know what else to do


Hi Shirley, I have a simular problem with my 13 month old. He is very funny about lumpy food like small pieces of potato, carrots or peas. He will spit them straight out. Sometimes I will keep trying with the same food and then he will take it but other times he just spits it straight out. My son didnt get most of his teeth until the last couple of months so I blame that but I have read spitting food out is a common problem. I also notice when my son is teething and has sore gums he will spit the food out. I have heard if they have sore ears, a cold or a blocked nose then this too can cause them to reject food. I brought this months mag practical parenting which has an article re not eating lumpy food. They suggest to either mash or leave food only lightly lumpy. They said to not force the issue only try to gently coax them, to not offer alternatives and dont get upset. They even suggested letting him use his fingers and if you find something they will take to stick with it. I have read that it can take up to 9 times for an offered food to be accepted. The only other idea which may cause this problem is perhaps your child wants to feed themself?? I hope this helps.
hi shirley,
I too have a one year old who used to do this as well, but I have found a solution,if they see that you are eating the food, then it's ok, or even make it a game to them sing to the while they eat. I have tried all these and they seem to work for now, especially the one where they want what u r eating, so if u eat their food they will eat it. Hope that this will help.

vikki,nz,1 year old

i have an 18 month old daughter who dont eat much at all.

she will eat the odd slice of cheese, maybe a bit of fritz but nothing else.

she is a chubby girl. she only drinks her milk. i really would not stress about forcing your child to eat if they dont want it.

unless your child is fairly small and you feel its necessary.

[email protected]


Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

hi all im also going through this with my girl maybe its the heat but i found if i bought a cheap plastic table cloth and put it under the high chair giving her a selection of food on a plate she is happy to mess around plus eat she hates being spoon fed and this way is messy but it works

p.s have the bath ready

Liby mum for my almost 1 yr old 14/1/03 ashleigh

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