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Has anyone had any experience in very loose poos after eating citrus ( in the child that is smile ) . My son seem to get almost diarrhea when eating anything from an orange juice ice block, to juice to actual mandaines & oranges. Is this something they grow out of or is it a potential anaphalactic allergen? He is almost 3. It seems OK if the juice is diluted like cordial but otherwise it affects him

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi vkw. You must be very busy with 3 boys under 3 huh!

I have 2 boys with food allergies and food intolerance and I recognise your plea about the citrus. It could possibly be intolerance to a natural chemical found in fruits & vegetables (some much more than others). Does he also react to strawberries, kiwi fruit or grapes?

I would be more than happy to share some more information on this if you like via private email if you wish or on board here.

Kim, NSW, 4yr + 2.5yr boys

thanks for the reply I am happy to email but how do I do that without giving it to everyone??
Havent tried kiwi fruit for a while as he wouldnt try it but was OK as a baby when he had it. Just started eating grapes & they seem OK . I think it may just be the citrus is strong, the doc. said that can happen but I have been concerned as his cousin has anaphalactic allergy to nuts & fish & is very badly affected by excema from all sorts of intolerances. But it is probably from the other side of the family as my sil said her brothers etc & parents have allergies.
And yes life is a bit hectic but lots of fun too! They are pretty good on the whole and the baby is text book material smile

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hello again vkw smile

I'm so sorry I haven't replied before now - don't know where the days get to sometimes.

I am happy to give out my email so you can write if you want to and I will share any help I can. As mentioned in another email a great site to look up information about food intolerances is that of Sue Dengate -

My email address is [email protected] so feel free to write anytime.

It is wise to check out intolerances/allergies when there are instances in the families - as you said maybe it could be the other side of the family, however sometimes people have a lot more intolerances than they know until they look a little more closely and its best to be sure. The research I have done all indicates that those with intolerances react not just to a certain food, but to the natural and artificial chemicals that the food contains. Some are higher in these things than others of course, but that is the theory.

Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon.

Kim, NSW, 4yr + 2.5yr boys

My middle son seems to experience the same thing. He turned 2 in March.I noticed you said you have 3 boys under 3... me too! Jacob tuned 4 this week, Lachlan was 2 in March and Harrison had his 1st birthday this week too. Quite a busy job, isn't it. Where abouts in australia are you? I'm in Brisbane, QLD.

brisbane, QLD

hi i live in sydneyits beem so hot i imagine ts wrorse theere?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Just lately my daughter has been getting really bad nappy rash after eating grapes or strawberries but doesn't seem to have a problem with other acidic foods.
Hi I have an older boy who has just been diagnosed with salycilate intolerance which is a natural chemical found in fruits and some vegetables. He has had constant problems with his stomach and bowels because of this.I suggest you talk to your doctor about this intoleerance because it is easily treatable

Leanda, Tas, 11mth baby

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