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My toddler has stopped eating. Rss

My 2 year old is refusing to eat his dinner and sometimes his lunch. It is familiar food and foods that he usually enjoys. If it is meat and pasta he will eat the meat and leave the pasta, when he used to eat all his pasta first. Tonight we had chicken, mashed potato, peas and corn. He only ate the chicken and 2 spoonfuls of potato. Usually he would eat all but the peas. Spag bol - refused entirely, Roast pork - not even one bite. We don't want to have to cook 10 different meals a night just so he will eat. We have tried leaving a longer gap between lunch and dinner, no snacks after 2 and nothing to drink an hour before/during dinner. Any other suggestions?
My advice would be to just keep giving him whatever you already do, and throw out what he doesn't eat, and don't worry about it at all. There comes a time in most toddlers lives that they just stop eating the way they did, and they nibble along for a few months and you wonder how they survive. And then they gradually pick up again. Maybe their growth slows somewhat and they don't need the calories that they did when they were smaller. My four have all done this and with the first two I worried myself sick and then for the next two I just let it go and they were all fine. If they are hungry they will eat, and if not they won't. You can offer every food known to man and try everything and it won't work. So just relax and know that it won't last forever.
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