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One year old screams through every meal Lock Rss


I am pretty much nearing the end of my patience with my DD who has started a habit of screaming through every meal we try to give her. We are still feeding her the meals hubby makes for her and it is the same kind of food that she has always eaten. She gets herself so worked up that I feel like crying. She gags and carries on with tears running down her face. We don't even have to come near her with the spoon, she starts this from the second we put her in the highchair and I don't know why. She has never been like this when it comes to her food, she has always fussed a little like most babies do but not to this extreme. She is defintely worse with lunch and dinner. Breakfast she seems to take okay, I guess she is hungry after not eating through the night. Is this just a phase she is going through, testing us to see what the limits are. She doesn't really have any ideas on how to use a spoon yet, she gets the general idea but doesn't have the motor skills as yet to make it all happen so I don't really know how to let her feed herself so she is actually eating something. She doesn't mind feeding herself bits of steamed vegies and things like that but she won't eat enough of it to keep her full which is why we still try to feed her. I am at the point where I will do anything else with her during the day as long as I don't have to feed her and I hate myself for it. I would rather change 10 poo nappies that sit down at meal times with her. Has anyone else had a similar problem, I want to try and fix this situation as soon as possible. Sorry for rambling on for so long, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kaz sad

Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

Is she still having her bottles or breast milk? If she is at least that is something. Have you tried just a little dish of cheese and ham and some biccies so that she can feed herself? I know you said that she can feed herself steamed veg, but maybe try a few different things, some grated carrot and things like that. I have never had this problem, as Jaz has always eaten really well and I know that she does prefer to feed herself.

Sorry of that was not much help. Good Luck and I dare say it is just a phase though you might want to go to the doc or your health nurse and see what they think too...

Does she seem to be very hungry??
My son put me through the same situation around 12 - 13 months (he is now 14 months) we figured that he wanted to spoon feed himself he did not have the motor skills at that stage so we will let him hold a spoon a dip into the bowl as I fed him.
if he continued to throw a tantrum I will spin his high chair around and he would face the corner until his father and I finished having our dinner (I know this sounds a little harsh at such a young age) but this worked for us.
now he is back to eating happily with his parents but of course he needs to hold a spoon for backup.... also he does enjoy feeding himself I would give him finger foods on occassion and he loves eating whole chicken drumsticks and corn on the cob.

good luck with it.


Hi, i also too have a 12 month old daughter who throws a patty whilst feeding, its mainly dinner for us but quite often lunch too. We find that we are able to feed her about 5 mouthfuls of food then the tantrum starts, the only way she stops is if i just place the plate in front of her and she does it herself, mind you, most if it will end up in her hair, up her nose or deliberately thrown on the floor and it doesnt seem to matter whether she has a spoon or just uses her fingers, she just likes to do it herself...its the only way she will learn. i recently spent a week in a place called tressillian, mainly to help with my daughters sleep patterns but they also do : no fuss feeding" which is basically offer the food, if they dont take it or fuss too much, take it away for 10 mins and then try again, they will carry on a treat but try and ignore the bad behaviour and they normally calm down as they are not getting a reaction, if they dont take it after being offered again then thats it - no more! i know its easy to say and hard to do but i have been perserviering now for a week and am finally starting to see results, baby is eating almost half her dinner now instead of 5 mouthfuls, so were getting there slowly.. i completely understand how you feel though, i prepare special little recipes and get the food spat straight out at me and it is disheartening, at the moment mashed potato or tinned spaghetti seems to be all she will have for dinner. If you are concerned about nutrision as i am i just bought some S26 toddler milk, its vanilla flavour is a hit and she will drink 200mls before bed, at least i know she is getting some of what she needs there. Good luck, hope this helps.

khayla's mum 12 months old NSW

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