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High Chair to normal Chair Lock Rss

I was just wondering at what age would you stop using the high chair. My son is 20 months and doesn't like getting in it anymore...likes to be a big boy and sit on the chair, but he still makes a mess and it is so much easier for me to do things......Maybe I should be patient and sit down with him at the table and make sure he stays there?
A good alternative to the high chair is a booster seat that fits on a regular dining chair and straps on there are a few brands on the market. They are safe as they strap on to the chair and you strap your child in to them much like a high chair (without the shoulder straps) so there is no running away. Most of them have a little tray that clips on if you prefer or if they can't quite reach the table and most are also dishwasher safe which is a godsend for cleaning. My boy is 2 1/4 and we have not used the high chair since we got ours as he likes to sit at the regular dining table like a big boy. Hope this helps.
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