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Dinner Ideas Lock Rss

I have a 5 year old son & a 15 month old son. 5 year old is very fussy, 15 month old eats anything & everything. Would love some quick & easy recepies for them for dinner, as i am not very creative in trying new things for the children.. Your input would be greatly appreciated
Hi Julz,

My nearly 4 year old is also a very fussy eater.

My saviour is rice (you can put anything in rice like peas, corn and cheese or a fried egg with a little bit of soy sauce) and spagetti.

I showed my son how to slurp spagetti and he loves it. It's a bit messy but who cares if he is eating.

As with rice, you can pretty much serve spagetti with lots of things, mince and lots of cheese, bottle spagetti sauce, pesto and vege's or just cheese and fresh chopped tomatoes.

I am a terrible cook so I just keep it simple.

All the best,


Therese, BRISBANE, 3yr old boy 6 wk girl


I am in a very simaliar situation to you I have a 5 year old son who will eat nothing & a 15 month old daughter who eats everything.
I now try blackmail to get my son to try more things at the moment he is into money so I say that I will give him 5c if he only just trys something & 20c if he eats it all sometimes I'm successful as now he is trying lots more.Give it a go & GOOD LUCK I know how frustrating it is.

For great easy recipes try the wonderful, neverfail Australian Women's Weekly Recipes. They have been my saviour! I am a much better cook, now, too! Check out the link though which links you to the AWW, or try the link to Fresh TV, and the link to kid friendly food. Hope it helps.

Amy, ACT

Hi, I found a great magazine called Super Food Ideas. Most of the recipes in this magazine are pretty simple to make. It's out once a month and costs $2.70. I think it has like 100 recipes a month or something.

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