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too young for tv?? Lock Rss

Maya is only 15mths and LOVES TV. She wakes up asking for her elmo dvd and when elmo comes on she kisses the tv, making the 'mmmwa' noise that elmo makes when he kisses (very cute!) She will also watch other age appropriate shows throughout the day, usually for about 1-1 1/2 hrs each day... she would sit all day and watch if I let her. Is this terrible??? I know I should feel lucky that she will sit quietly but I also feel guilty. I feel guilty when she is sitting by herself even if I'm using the time to do housework... Do other bubs this young watch tv? Should I not let her watch so much???

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Mitch watches tv, he loves it, he doesn't watch it all day either, he follows me around the house all day, i can't leave the room without him whinging for me to be in sight. He watches tv while i do or he watches his shows, he loves them, i figure they aren't teaching them anything bad, it can only be good and hedances to their songs!!!
Don't feel bad, she isn't watching it all day and not doing anything else so it's fine!

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