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My DD's hair is really long & thick. The front part is getting to touch her eyes. It need to be cut. But, I don't know how should I do the hair cut for her. She definitely won't sit there to let me cut. And, should I use scissor or hair cut clipper? Could any mum please give me some advice or share your experience?

pay someone else to do it lol

mum to one goregous boy

Hi there,

For my sons first haircut we went to a hairdresser and it was a breeze...they did have a little car that he could sit in which was great. The next time he wouldnt have a bar of it so I have been doing it myself with sissors when he is in the bath.
The first time it took about a week to get it right because he would try and push my hand away or duck so I just did a bit at a time but now he just lets me go for it. It still takes a couple of days to get it right but at least he doesn't mind.

Hi Nat,

Thanks for your advice.
Hey Trin-Trin""s Mum,

No problem.
Hope youve got it sorted.

Our girls have just had their second hair cut, we take them to the hairdressers, they are so quick and good at it.. Everytime i try to touch DD's hair she just pulls away... So hairdressers do it well.

I put my son in the high chair with some textas and paper to keep him occupied and tell him I am going to "snip snip" his hair. After a few times (approx 5 minutes twice a week to get a propper haircut) of him trying to grab the comb and sissors and moving he seems to ignore me and coulour in and just accept that I am playing with his hair.
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