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Ear Infections Lock Rss

Hi Fiona & Darlene,
My hubby & I are completely over having to go to the Dr & all the follow-up appts that are required. It seems we are forever chasing our tails with them. We go off to the 2 new ENTs on Nov 4 & 7. One was recommended by our paed & the other by our GP. I'm unsure which one to go to but my hubby has suggested we take the first one we can get into surgery with (they both have good reputations). We've made the decision not to cancel the January appt just in case we get stuck with her being sick again. Touch wood, we're the best we've been for a while now but we're on asthma medication & we're still coughing, but not vomitting, which is a wonderful improvement!!!!!
We're currently on an elimination diet as we've worked out Camryn has food intolerances (no allergies luckily) & are seeing the RPA Allergy Clinic. Camryn is not having milk or wheat products at the moment but the mucus hasn't cleared as I had hoped it would. We see the paed with her in mid-Dec to check her immunology & to recheck her little sister's reflux. Life is extremely busy but it goes on whether we want to go for the ride or not. I'm currently living between my house & my mum's which isn't much fun but hopefully we can move back in permanently by Christmas. I'll be extremely annoyed if our extension isn't complete by then as we're ONLY 2 wks over so far.
I'll give the homeopath a go in the new year as I just couldn't fit another appt into my life at the moment as I've also returned to work part-time too.
Hope life is running smoothly for everyone. Mine is always chaotic this time of year. Bring on 2004 for some peace & quite (I can always dream).
Thanks again,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Dear mums (girls),
My twins always got ear infections and at times when the ifection was really bad there ear drum would burst and all the puss would just ooz out. They are always very painfull for them. I was lucky at time as my GP said that if they had 3 or 4 in a year thay would be refered to see an E.N.T. so off we when when they were both aged 20 months. On my first visit he took one look and said when did you want them in hospital for tubes, my mouth dropped. But before I arranged that I asked about there sinus's, we then went to have an xray done well both of there sinus's were full of puss which was playing a major part in them getting ear infections. So it was decided that they both to have tubes in and adnoyed's (dont know how to spell it) and the sinus's flushed out. Since then they both only had one ear infection since having this done and they are now 5yrs. My daughter had her tonsils out at the age of 3yrs due to her bad snoring which turned out that the tonsils were inlarged and were makind it hard for her to breathe at night time as she would snore whether she was asleep laying down or sitting up.
So it would pay to get there sinus's chacked out before you get any tubes as if there is a problem then its best done at the same time.
My great niece 18 months just had her tonsils and adnoyed's taken out so dont let them tell you that if you are having major problems with the ear etc that they are too younge to have any of this done then go find someone else to help you.
Antibotics is the last thing the little body needs, as my neraly 6 month old has already had a dose of antibotics due an ear infection at 5 months as it looks like he might be taking after his older sister and brother.
My email addy is if anyone wants any more imfo.

Hi Everyone,
Wow, life is so busy. Success at last!!!!! We had a call at 7:30 last Wed morning from our original ENT to ask if we'd be happy to have Cam's grommets done on the following Wednesday (yesterday) - as if we were going to say no! Anyhow, I had to reschedule a visit with him before the surgery as we have had Xrays regarding her bad breath, snoring etc. which showed she had narrow nasal passages due to her swollen adnoids. The ENT assessed her & agreed that they, and her tonsils, were a problem but he gave us some interesting reading material as we didn't wish to rush into more surgery. Apparently the fatality rate with grommets is 1 in 150 000 but if we were to rush & have her adnoids & tonsils removed at this time the fatality rate increases to 1 in 15 000 which we all agreed was too high. We have decided to take the time to see her paed., have sleep studies done & let her grow a little more so we know we've tried everything to improve her condition without invasive surgical procedures. We know that this will mean that we will possibly have to endure another general anaesthetic at the end of the day but we'd rather wait until she is older so the surgical risks are reduced.
Yesterday we left home @ 5:30am for the hour-long drive to the hospital & we were grateful to be first on the ENTs list for the day. Cam was wonderful waiting in the ward with the 3 other kids who were getting done. We only had a small amount of tears when she realised she was going without me. My hubby went with her into surgery @ 8:45am & was told that she'd be in there for 1/2hr & in recovery for 1/2hr. We went to the coffee shop to have breaky & returned after 1/2hr to find that she was already back. It broke my heart that she beat us back but apparently it was only by a couple of minutes. Naturally Cam cried when she saw us but then snuggled up tightly for about an hr before she was ready to explore her surroundings again. We had left the hospital 2hrs after she'd had the surgery & she only cried when she burped. By the time we got home she was ready for her sleep & you wouldn't even guess that she had anything done to her. She's as bright as a button & up to her old mischevious self. We've been told to keep her quiet for the next wk (ha,ha,ha) & we see the ENT in Jan for a check up & follow up on the tonsil & adnoid issue.
Hopefully her speech will pick up quickly as she now has to learn the correct pronounciation of many of her words as she just couldn't hear them properly before. I think I can already notice a difference there. I'll keep you all informed of her progress but it was wonderful seeing the ENT again before the surgery as he confirmed the necessity of the procedure. He actually thought it ended up as a positive that she was too sick to have them last month as having the extra time showed that we weren't rushing in blindly & her ears hadn't improved at all in that time.
Look after yourselves,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Pete,

I was SOOO pleased to read your email and here some good news from your end, I just wanted to cry! I'm really glad that Cam's operation went well and I could almost feel the relief in your email. Christmas is almost upon us and isn't it wonderful that you're little girl is going to be feeling terrific! Riley has been good lately, has had a cold for nearly two weeks but to my suprise this is the first time a cold hasn't turned into an ear infection! I really think the hoemapathic remedies have helped him there. Anyway, so glad that things are looking up for you and little Cam.

Take Care
Hi Darlene,
I'm glad Riley's on the up this time. I'm so tired of the constant battle to medicate a sick child & it's a relief that Cam's surgery is over. I think the surgery has been successful in other ways as she's not snoring as much so in my mind it means the extra ventilation in the ears has helped dry the nose, which in turn has improved the breathing space in her nose (less mucus to contend with). We're really careful now with baths & water in general & are hopeful the grommets will make their own way out with minimal fuss & the holes created for them will close themselves.
Apparently it's generally sometime between 3mths & 3 yrs that they fall out, however if they're still in after 3 yrs they're surgically removed. My biggest disapointment now is that we need check-upsevery 3 mths & this ENT is notorious for running late. When we saw him on Friday I called before I left, waited the extra 1/2 before coming, as sugested, & then I had another 2hr wait in his rooms with the 2 girls. Thank God his receptionist is such a saint. I would've gone insane handling a boisterous & bored 2yr old with a hungry, tired & sad 5mth old. She had Camryn drawing pictures with her, singing songs & she even offered me a twin pram, for free, which I turned down due to the fact I was so embarrassed & had only just met her (my mother thinks I'm nuts turning down such a wonderful offer).
I'm working full time this week which will make life a little more difficult & interesting again & our BLOODY EXTENSION is still not finished. Talk about not being able to cop a break but we've been waiting 2wks for the giprocker now & our builder turned up on Thurs only to inform us the poor guy had had a heart attack!!! Our kitchen has been ready for 2wks but was waiting on the giprock. The plumber, electrician & tiler were also all waiting on the giprock. The builder thinks he'll have the giprock complete by the end of the wk & our kitchen is going in over the weekend (without all the appliances as they're on backorder). Our family Xmas party is here in 3wks so I'm guessing it'll be a BBQ event as we're unsure whether our appliances will arrive by then. Life is never dull.
Thanks for caring,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

For all of you out there with your children suffering the ear infections, glue ear and needing grommets. As a premmi newborn twin i suffered fatal bacterial menegitis and as a result over the years in my childhood had glue ear and subsequently had grommets inserted. My mother was told that i would suffer bad hearing loss as a result. The grommets did work although i think i had them about 3 times. I don't suffer real bad from hearing loss although my hearing isn't 100%, and one ear is worse than the other, but i havn't had serious problems with my ears since childhood. However i do have problems with my ears popping, but i don't even seem to suffer from many ear infections.
I just thought it might give you some reassurance and piece of mind that if they do have grommets it is a good prognosis.
And i dont' know much about the menegitis connection however we were told that the glue ear was a result from that.
Best of luck to everyone

Judi,NSW, 2 boys under 2

Hello everyone its been a long time.............. so here is my update on Caleb. He still has ear problems the ENT want to take out his adnoids and put in grommets and could do it the next day! I was really freaked out by the quickness and wanted to think about it. Caleb was put on one more lot of antibiotics for 20 days!!! This was until he developed a rash which looked like german measles. So back of to the Drs and it turns out Caleb has an allergy to bactrim which is sulphar based so really an allergy to sulphar. This is important to remember as he may have difficulties with things like eye drops as they contain sulphar. We stopped the antibiotics but the rash only got worse before it went away. I couldnt take him anyway as it looked like a contagious thing and he looked terrible. We even had to get a letter from the Dr for day care as they would not take him. We also took him to the chiropractor twice a week for a few months to see if that would help. But on the upside we did get to the beach for a few days and since then he has NOT had a runny nose but was a bit sookey so I took him to the Drs but his ears arent great but they are good for Caleb. It turned out that he cut a back 2yr molar and yesterday I found another one on the other side of his mouth. He still only has 2 bottom teeth and 4 top at the front so not too sure why they popped up but then its just Caleb all over. So things for Caleb are not too bad at the moment. Winter is just about gone so fingers crossed he will heal himself.
It was great to hear everyone else is having success with their littlies. Pete I was very interested to hear how the grommets operation went. I hope your Xmas dinner goes without any hiccups. You have really had the bad end of the stick. Darlene it seems you too are on a winner its so great to hear things are on the up and up. I spoke to a friend of mine who has a 3 and a half year old. Her son did have ear problems when he was younger but not now. Imagine her surprise when a routine ear check diagnosed he has a hearing problems from the fluid of the glue ear he had. His speech is perfect and has no balance problems. They have been advised to get him to blow straws and balloons to try to get the fluid to move. They have a specialist appt in the new year to see if any improvement and if not they are advising he gets grommets. I will keep my fingers crossed for everyone and hope Xmas is going to be kind. It has been a hard year but I am quietly confident 2004 is going to be the best year for us all!!! Take care.
Hi darlene
my son to had a lot of ear infections as well. He was continuesly on antibiotics for 5 months and began to become immune to them. We were recommended to a ent specialist who took him off all dairy products for one month and funny enough it did work. Kynan hassent had an ear infection for 3 months now and is still off the dairy products. I recommend giving this a try before grommets or anything else.
Hi Kynans Mum,

My son has been off dairy products now for about three months after we visited a homeopath who told me he had a high diary intollerance, we haven't had an ear infection since. He's also been taking a range of homeopathic treatments to help improve his immune system and digestion which both suffered greatly from the extended use of antibiotics. The treatments seem to be working very well. He is now 19 months old and hasn't had any antibiotics for about four months which is great. He will happily have soy milk in his cereal now but he's not too fussed on drinking it. He went off his bottle a few months ago with his last bad ear infection so the only way I can get him to drink a little soy milk in his cup is with a dash of chocolate topping! At least I know this way he's getting a bit of milk which he needs for calcium. He's also happy to eat Soy yoghurt which is a suprise as I think it tastes like crap!

hi darlene
its good to here your son hasen't had an ear infection for months. Kynans hasen't had one either for 3 or 4 months now which has been great. I though it would of been harder taking him off dairy products but it has been pretty easy. He doesn't like the soy milk or yogurt but you can't blame it it does taste like crap. instead he has that karicare goats milk and just has some of that before bed and on his cereal,other that that he just drinks water. and we got him some soy margarine for his sandwiches which just tastes like normal margarine.
Hi Darlene, Janeen & Kylie,
Wow things haven't improved much on our extension front as we're now on wk 17 or our "little 10wk job" & I'm just desperate to put up our Xmas tree for Gab's first Xmas & Cam's 2yr old delight!
Cam's been on rice milk for ages now & this had absolutely no effect on her ears, much to our disappointment. We went through blowing balloons, straws & all sorts of fun party toys but nothing worked. It's now 6wks since Cam got the grommets & it's a magnificent change. I just wish we'd done it a year earlier & insisted on an ENT consult instead of just following the GP's advice. There were just too many antibiotics & reconsults to hear the same thing & we've now changed GPs with her.
I'm glad to hear that Riley & Caleb are on the up & it's good to hear that you've been able to make inroads for Kynan too Kylie. We tried so many things but are happy that we waited an extra few weeks at the end of the day as we didn't rush in. We still have the tonsil & adnoid trouble to face but we're off to the paed with Cam next week & will tackle these issues with more knowledge & understanding.
It's wonderful to hear from you all. Best wishes for the festive season. Enjoy the wonder & surprise for your littlies as Xmas really is all about them,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hello everyone!!! How are the kids going?? Caleb was doing well but due to the bazaar weather we had in QLD he picked up another cold which went straight to his chest and of course to the ears!! Then to make matter worse our Dr has been off work ill since mid Jan and is not expected back until April. I am thinking of getting his hearing checked as he is not talking very much. He starts to say words and then stops saying them. He has started to throw temper tantrums and I am wondering if some of it may have something to do with not being able to communicate properly. I would love to hear how you are going Peta after the grommets and Darlene how are things after the diet changes??Hope to hear from you soon.
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