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TT helpful hints Lock Rss

I have found that when I was TT my daughter she just loved flushing the full button on the toilet, then I realized that she just loved the feel of the FULL flush button. My solution to this problem was to encourage her to press the half button [moon] for wees and the full button [sun] for number 2's. I also place coloured stickers on the buttons as well to help the control of using the full button. And to add a bit more encouragement I also had special toilet stamps that were used when we had a success.

We've just turned a huge corner, with dd1 after 9 months of training FINALLY using the loo all the time (except for p00, still working on that) BUT dd2 just decided as of yesterday to go there for wee and has stayed dry!
Anyway, I invented a loo fairy. She visits and leaves little gifts for children when they start using the loo and extra when they do their first p00s on the to!let. Now the kids will sit there watching and looking for the fairy, in the meantime they'll usually produce the goods whilst sitting there!

Dizie, 2 girls, 2002 & 2003

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