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Can you TT at 22months? Or is too early. Lock Rss

Hi everyone.

I just have a question.. I have a 22month old boy and he has jsut started to say "Mummy wee wees" and tries to pull off his pants and nappy..

I hve been told that this is a sign of TT readiness but when i put him on the toilet or his potty he wont do anything..

So today he said it again and I thought that i would give it a go.

He told me wee wee so i would put him on the toilet, (which he isnt affraid of) and no nothing but as soon as i put his training pants on he says "Oh no wee wees"..

I was asking him every half hour sumtimes less if he needed to go and we went through the whole toilet thing and nothing but he was still having accidents.

Should i wait or still try with him.. As we are due for bub no 2 in early March thought that i would just try....

I am a little lost in what to do so any advice will be great.



Tan,QLD,Connor 2, Mackayla 2wks old

I believe yes you can,
I am in the same situation, mine is 21 mth and one day refused to wear nappies even at night ( not a Baby) you put a nappy on he would pull his pants down and take it off, we even trried to use a belt no no avail. We also have another due in May, he did the same thing but no results only accidents, I just had to catch him one day and be persistant, try wearing undies when he has accidents he will feel unconfortable and put him on the loo and tell him this is where you do wee / poo, I think the first one is pot luck and when it happens make a big deal, try to get dad to put him on loo and get dad to show him how, it may help. Good luck. Persistance is the key.

i started my boy when he was about 19 months old by just leaving his nappy off when we where at home and reminding him of where his potty was incase he needed it . it took a couple of days of accidents and sometimes i found that he was just sitting on it playing with his cars etc but whenever he did a wee or a poo i would cut a lollie in 3rds and he could have 1 each time he did a wee however if he did a poo he would get a half of the lollie. that was my way ne way and my son is now28 months and only wheres a nappy at night. hope this helps sam 20 qld

MUM TO RJ 28 10 03 & EJ 23 07 06

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