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Afraid to go to the potty because it is cold! Lock Rss

My son began going to the potty 2 months ago when he has 20 months. He was very good at telling me when he wanted to do a poo and a wee. However he refuses to go now because the potty seat is cold. I've tried lining it with toilet paper but he refuses to sit. Please help!

Friday's Child

Hello Momma, have you thought of using the hair drying to warm it up?? Just a thought. Good luck!
Wow, that's a tough one.....could you cut up an old towel, and have liners kind of thing?? Just an idea,

Let us know how you get on,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Thank you for the suggestions! I tried the hair dryer a few times. He thought it was really interesting and yesterday and today he started going to the potty again! He even wanted to do a poo in the children's toilet at Westfield. There's still hope!!

Friday's Child

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