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Just Another 'Poo' Question?!! Lock Rss


My DS is just over 2 1/2 and is 'wee' trained. He is even dry overnight on 6 out of 7 nights. However we are now having trouble with 'poos'! I don't think he is scared of doing them on the toilet, as when we do make it he is soo proud and has to show everyone, but we just don't make it very often. At the moment he is happy to poo in his pants, which is not nice to always clean up, as he is in pants not nappy pull ups.

My question is will he just get the poos one day and start using the toilet or is there anything I can be doing? I've tried bribing him, offering rewards and suprises but I'm just not sure if he gets the sensation yet???

Any ideas?

Bianca,Tas, Campbell (19/9/2006) & Isabel (12/12/2

does he go into a corner when he poes like to hide. my son was proud when he pooed and glad to show me too but when he was actually pooing he would go away and hide. it was like he was embaraassed of actually pooing but with a bit of encouragement he came around.

DD was similar in that would be great with wees but no poo in the toilet for ages! I used to watch her and when she started to show signs of doing a poo would take her to the toilet and let her poo in her nappy next to the toilet for a week or so, then when she was ok with that when she started to look like she was doing a poo would quickly pull her nappy off and then sit her on the toilet (and also try to hold her there!). Tons of praise worked well but more importantly it was the gentle coaxing of her to let her poo go in to the toilet and not to hang on to work seemed to work. The fist one is the hardest, and after that it all seemed to work out.

I had a similar problem with my 3yo daughter. She always asked for her nappy when it was time to do a poo. Then one day after receiving wonderful advice from my local health nurse she said give her the option.

Would you like to do your poo in the potty or your knickers?Well that caused all sorts of dramas! - tears, running away, screaming but after some cuddling and talking she sat on her potty (it took an hour before the poo came) but since then - she no longer asks for a nappy!

Persistence and patience and now poo in the potty is a non issue!

Hope this helps.

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